Summer is coming, and with the seasonal change, you’ll experience different types of energy costs. In the winter, you likely spend your time trying to cut down on drafts and enjoy the short hours of available sunlight. But in the summer, most people have the exact opposite problem. Sunlight streaming through your home’s windows can heat up a room very quickly, but you can reduce the amount of sunlight that you let into your home, thereby reducing how hot your house gets, by applying window film on your windows.

Biggest Drawbacks of Summer Sunlight
When sunlight enters the house through the window, there are several drawbacks. First of all, the sunlight can heat up a room, which can cause your energy bill to go up. But another negative consequence is that the sunlight can actually fade the upholstery on your furniture, as well as rugs and carpets. This can add up to a lot of extra costs when it’s time to replace furniture and other parts of your home earlier than you had anticipated.

What Window Tinting Can Save You in Cooling, Heating, and Property-Replacement Costs
When you install window tinting on your home’s windows, you’ll save yourself money in cooling costs, but you’ll also keep some of the heat inside your home during the winter. And when you add on how much you’ll save by protecting upholstery and rugs, the savings are huge. In fact, you could save thousands of dollars but only pay a small amount to have window tinting installed on your windows.

The Cost of Home Window Tinting
One of the biggest questions that you might have on your mind is about the cost of tinting your home windows. The reality is that it doesn’t actually cost much, especially in comparison to how much you’ll save on your energy costs and furniture replacement. You’ll need a consultation to get an exact price, but when you think about how much it will save you and how much beauty it can add to your home, you’ll be happy that you considered it. You can also check out our window tint project calculator.

If you’ve been thinking about having your home windows tinted, call Home Window Tinting about an in-home estimate. The benefits far outweigh the cost of home window tinting, and we can show you all of the options available and give you a recommendation on which ones will work best for which windows.

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