In these uncertain times, if you have windows on your storefront or building then you should consider safety and security films along with anchoring systems to not only

Safety Film Attachment System, Safety & Security Film, Frisco TXprotect the people inside but also your personal property.  There are many threats in the world today.  Burglary is on the rise, the bombing in Nashville although a rare occurrence, still scary.  Police response times are becoming longer not because they do not care, but because they are shorthanded and must take extra precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When we talk or are educating the public, whether it be building management, building owners or homeowners, the most common statement is I have cameras and an alarm system.  My reply is this.  “The alarm system tells you when it happens, the cameras might tell you who it is that is trying to gain access, but we slow them down and in most cases they give up and go to the next target.

Safety and security films come in quite a few thicknesses and can also have built in sun and heat control options.  Our most common security film is 3M Ultra 800.  It is superior to standard 8 mil security films due to its tear resistance.  We also carry 3M Ultra Night Vision 25 along with 3M Ultra Prestige 50 and 3M Ultra Prestige 70. Ultra Night Vision 25 is the darkest with 60 percent total solar energy reduced, 72 percent of glare reduced and as with most all of our films, 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays, the major cause of fading.  We also carry 15 mil film from Madico. 

Whatever safety and security film you choose it is not going to be effective with out the proper anchoring or attachment systems.  The biggest challenge we used to face was attaching doors.  This has been simplified with the use of Z Secure, our patented, trademarked and independently tested anchoring system.  This was invented by Tim Miller owner and President of Home Window Tinting and Commercial.  It is custom made for your doors to match the color of the door and is virtually invisible.  For windows, we prefer the use of Pentagon Protections Elite Rubber Systems utilizing 3M VHB tapes (very high bond).  We prefer these over the use of structural silicones such as Dow Corning 995 because it allows us to not remove the gasket system from the windows.

Z SECURE is a patented and tested attachment system for doors used in conjunction with security window films. Glass is typically the weak point many criminals exploit in order to enter a building or home. Consequently, it is desirable to have a system and method which allows for increased security. If an unwanted intruder breaks the glass, this attachment will hold the security filmed glass in the frame of the door. Currently, many of the specifications issued with construction project drawings reference a bead of silicone applied to the glass stop on the filmed surface of the glass. The security film will stay attached to the glass, but this silicone option will not hold the glass in a frame without an anchoring attachment system.

Z SECURE is a custom product made for each door size and style with available colors that match popular frame options including Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze, and more. Aesthetically this system is preferred over the rubberized glazing tape OR the silicone bead alternatives. Z SECURE is custom shaped to go over the glass stop with a .50” bite on to the frame and a 90° bend to glass. Another 90° bend will go onto the glass surface. Bend and Angle Dimensions of the shape will always vary because of the custom fit of Z Secure and depending on the depth of the glass stop.

Method Description:

Z SECURE is a securement system which can withstand more blows than traditional glass. A pane of glass 104 is installed into a door frame support 102 with adhered security film 105. A Z SECURE bracket 106 made of .040 aluminum has a glass coupler 108
portion, a gap definer 109, and a support coupler 110. The glass coupler is adhered to the security film via 3M™ VHB™ Tape clear .50” using UV Adhesive Promoter or Primer 94 and the support coupler is adhered to the door frame support via 3M™ VHB™ Tap clear .50” using UV Adhesive Promoter or Primer 94.

Technical data for both the aluminum as well as the 3M materials used are available upon request.

When it comes to safety and security film applications along with anchoring or attachment systems, no other company has as many options, with high quality installations as Home Window Tinting & Commercial.  We take pride in being a leader in the window film industry.  We are always improving as a company and as a people.

Please come and take a tour of our facility, you will not be disappointed, and you will learn more about the “Wonderful World of Window Film” than you ever thought possible.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day and may 2021 be better than 2020.