About Us


Tim Miller created Tim’s Window Tinting in 1989 out of a pure necessity to earn money to go and visit family members in another state.    Little did he know at the time that 30 plus years later he would still be helping homeowners and businesses stay cool and protect their interiors.  With many ups and downs along the way Tim Miller has found sustained success through his core beliefs of treating people fair and providing a quality and timely service.    In 2012 the name of the business was changed to Home Window Tinting & Commercial to more accurately represent the business.   Although we have over twenty thousand residential customers, we also service some of the biggest name brand businesses that you know and consume.  You can check out our commercial gallery here to see some of these commercial customers.  


Our mission is to help as many customers as possible who seek to lower their energy consumption, reduce heat inside, and reduce interior fading by installing window film.    We strongly believe that every home should have window film since it is one of the absolute best retro fits you can do to your home to reduce energy and save wear and tear on your AC units.    While our main customer base is in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, we have traveled as far as Oklahoma for a project.  

Business Values

  • Altruistic Approach: Our goal is to deliver more value than expected. Every client must be satisfied or our job is not complete.
  • Professionalism: Uphold absolute integrity in all aspects of our business through integrity and honesty.
  • Product Selection:  Every job is different and is addressed as a separate challenge – not only to find a solution, but to do so as cost-effectively as possible.  We pride ourselves in supplying a large variety of window film solutions for each unique project. 
  • Quality Installation: The installation teams are trained to thoroughly prepare, install, and inspect every job, ensuring the highest standards, every single time.
  • Referrals: We strive to build our relationships so that our customers feel confident to pass our name to their family, friends, or colleagues.   We hope to continue to grow the business organically with these values.

Why Choose Us? 

You have read this far and maybe you are wondering what sets us apart from our competitors and why you should choose us?   As a team we are going to always give our best effort while having a positive attitude.   We are often commended on our professionalism (see reviews here) and strive to receive positive reviews from every single customer.    We provide a 100% installation guarantee!  If your window film is not installed to industry standard for the entire life of it, we will come and replace it.