I originally called Home Window Tinting & Commercial to do just one window over my front door to reduce the morning heat/glare in my foyer.  When the consultant asked to measure the whole house I reluctantly agreed, even though they explained there reasonings which now makes perfect sense.  They were not pushy in any way, shape, or form.

What I realized within a couple of days, was that it lowered the temperature on the second floor.  That made me think, if this one window getting window tint or window film on it made that much of a difference I should consider doing more.  I proceeded to finish the front of my home first. Not only did it make the front of the house more comfortable, but I noticed that my air conditioner was running less, plus I was able to actually open up my shutters and enjoy having the natural light come in while still having daytime privacy.

About a year later once it fit into my budget, I concentrated on the back of the house. The first thing that we did was the kid’s rooms and the game room on the second floor.  Even though the back had a lot of trees the film lowered the temperature in those rooms. Soon after that we did our master bedroom, then the family room and kitchen. So, in four trips Home Window Tinting and Commercial did our entire home.

But wait. We had forgotten about the master bath. We had a blind on the window over the tub, which was never opened, the master bath always seemed a bit dark.  We would have never put a blind on this window if we had known that this type of frosted film product existed. The neat thing about this product is it allowed more light into the bathroom and made it look cleaner. What I didn’t mention is that we use four different products on our home and you would never know this without me telling you.

If you are buying a new home or just new to you, I would highly recommend exploring covering all your windows with one window film or another before choosing any long-term blinds or shutters, which collect dust, and cut off your view and light. After a year or so we actually looked at our electric bill and noticed the product was paying for itself in simple energy cost. Beyond that, our air conditioning was running less which we know will equate to less wear and tear on the system itself.

 A few years later we learned about another great feature of window film.  There was one of those infamous Texas hailstorms with high winds and driving rains.  Several windows were broken outside pane as well as inside pane of the double paned window where the film was applied. There were even a few pieces of hail that made it through the film.  Yes, there was a few pieces of glass that made it into the house, but nothing like our neighbors who not only had lots of broken glass in their home but suffered a lot of water damage because the driving rains after the hail had subsided was coming into the home and they were not there. In fact, they were on vacation. 

We would have to say that window film for our home was a great investment!!!