Home Window Tinting July 9, 2021

Hi Tim,

Your guys just left and we already LOVE the window tint and it makes a huge difference. Will reach out to you soon to do more windows. Garrett & his crew were thorough and professional.

Thanks for taking great care of us!!

Amy & Bobby Boyce



Home Window Tinting November 9, 2020

My mother moved in with us from California almost 20 years ago. She had macular degeneration and glaucoma so the Texas sun was a challenge for her especially with her bedroom window facing west. She was the one who actually found Tim Miller, formerly known as Tim’s Window Tinting, and enlisted his services. She had Tim install 3M window tint throughout our entire home. When she needed a darker tint on her master bedroom windows, she called Tim and he took care of it. I recently noticed a problem with the actual window in what is now our master bedroom, I called Tim. Fortunately, my mother had kept all the paperwork from 3M. Between Tim and Sara (who went above and beyond), our 3M warranty and new tint was applied. Thank you Home Window Tinting!




Home Window Tinting June 25, 2020


It was great talking with you. I truly appreciate your service and honoring of your warranty.

As you know, you installed the film on our windows back in spring of 2006, 14 years ago.  It performed very well and made a huge difference over the years with our in home comfort and definitely in our electric bill.  I remember the day you installed and remarked about the huge difference in temperature that very first day.

Also, of the over 20 windows you tinted for us, we only had 2 that had seal issues and those were well over a decade after installation.  Actually, one of our windows that did not require tinting failed well before either of the ones with tint. I recall all of the discussion about tinted windows voiding warranties and causing issues with seals failing, but we did not experience that at all.

Thanks again for your assistance and continued support.



Home Window Tinting January 14, 2020

We have used Home Window Tinting several times and would recommend them. They are prompt and friendly. They do a good job, and always clean up when they are finished.



Home Window Tinting January 11, 2020


They did a fine job. They were friendly. The crew leader was friendly, informed, clearly expressed his thoughts and questions and was a very good representative of your company. I really like your vehicle, the good graphics and the organized manner in which your equipment and materials were stored and secured. I thought the equipment I saw was cool looking. Pretty sharp outfit.

If I have the opportunity, I will send folks your way.



Ft Worth


Home Window Tinting December 9, 2019

We could not be more pleased with the customer service we received from Home Window Tinting. The sales man spent time with us listening to our concerns and chose PR50 for us because we needed heat reduction and reduction in light fading our furniture but we didn’t want the windows to look different. The entire back of our house is windows and we love the feeling of no barrier between the outside and inside. The installers kept our home immaculately clean and undamaged during the process. We were also impressed that the installers did not chat with each other, they concentrated on their work and the windows look perfect. We were also impressed that none of the installers smoked or smelled of strong laundry detergent. Our experience with this company was fantastic



Home Window Tinting August 13, 2019

We love the window tinting. It makes a huge difference. Thank you so much! 



Home Window Tinting March 11, 2019

The key to winning my business is with customer service, a quality product, and good workmanship. Not only was Home Tinting & Commercial the only business to answer my online request for an estimate, the owner, Tim, personally came over to my home to educate me on residential window film, understand my goals, and provide several options. While his quote as higher than I had imagined (his quote was the first one so I had no basis for comparison – just what I would imagine how much it would cost), I did not bother getting other quotes because I felt comfortable in trusting his knowledge & experience for the job. True to his word, his installers were courteous, professional, and cleaned up after themselves. Along the way, I asked questions and they were friendly & courteous enough to talk to. If my OCD kicks in, then I will definitely give them a call to do the other windows in my house.



Home Window Tinting February 5, 2019


Good morning!
I am very pleased and your crew did a great job! Very professional!

Thank you

Mike D



Home Window Tinting August 10, 2018


Just wanted to say how happy we were with the install and the product. Please let your crew know we appreciated the way they protected our floors and old antique windows. I am amazed how much difference the film has made in our home already. Worth every penny!

Please give your crew cudos and buy them a beer! 🙂

Best Regards,





Home Window Tinting April 25, 2018


We’re enjoying the tint.  It’s making a huge difference with glare and heat.  The entire space is now being regulated evenly and we’re no longer having hot spots up front and cold spots in the rear of the office.

Thanks for the follow up.



Home Window Tinting April 18, 2018

Your guys did a wonderful job, looks beautiful. I can tell the difference already. I wanted to tell you that they were both very professional and very nice to work with. They didn’t mind me watching, not that I could ever do what they do. Again, they did a fantastic job.

Thank you very much




Home Window Tinting April 15, 2018

Hi Tim,

We are very happy with the windows, they look wonderful. The instillation crew was friendly and efficient.  Overall its been great working with you guys.





Home Window Tinting February 9, 2018


We’re enjoying the tint.  It’s making a huge difference with glare and heat.  The entire space is now being regulated evenly and we’re no longer having hot spots up front and cold spots in the rear of the office.

Thanks for the follow up.




Home Window Tinting December 26, 2017


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exemplary handling of our project. In this day and age, it is unusual to find someone who tells you what he’s going to do, and then actually follow up and do exactly that. Even the communication of pending potential delay was professionally handled. I hope all is well with your wife.

The work was all complete when we arrived home, with everything cleaned up. We couldn’t even determine HOW your guys were able to access the high windows in the living room with the Christmas tree directly under one of them. No ladder or scaffolding marks. We’re just assuming jet-packs. All-in-all an excellent experience. I thought you should know.




Home Window Tinting April 20, 2017

This was a great experience working with Home Tint. I love the results. It is more than I had hoped for. Your crew was excellent and worked hard and yet carefully the entire day. I would definitely recommend your company without hesitation. Additionally, I believe the film actually did reduce sound some small amount.

I thank you again for a job well done. Pass along my appreciation to your crew as well.



Home Window Tinting February 15, 2017

Hello Tim. Seventeen years ago we purchased our home in McKinney and quickly learned that we could not survive a Texas summer without applying  tint to the more than 80 windows in our home.  Seeking a resolution, we selected your company, Tim’s Window Tinting to apply a 3M tinting product throughout our home. The product immediately reduced the ambient heat in our home and our air conditioners easily kept up with the demand caused by the summer heat.  


About 6 months ago I received a violation letter from our  homeowner’s association because the tint was beginning to de-laminate and buckle from the surface of the windows. Realizing that the 3M product was supported by a “life time warranty”, I contacted you to discuss the possibility of replacement. When I made the initial contact I was fully prepared for all of the typical explanations as to why the warranty was not applicable to a 17 year old product. To my surprise, I received just the opposite. Within 24 hours of our initial conversation, you personally arrived at my home to inspect the failing tint and commence the warranty claim.  Your office staff followed up with 3M and processed the claim with
virtually no additional action on my part. A few weeks later, all of the tint has been removed
and a new product installed.  


I want to take this opportunity to express to you my sincere appreciation for your efforts and EXCELLENT service.
As consumers we are all aware of the horror stories regarding life time warranties. While this may be the case across most industries, it is just the opposite with Tim’s Home Window Tinting. You have set a standard for your industry that clearly separates your company from the competition. 

Ron Ferris


Home Window Tinting January, 19 2017

I have used home tint for all of my homes. The first time was in 2008. Second time was in 2011. And the third time was last month, December 2016. Home Tint is a professional company that I can always count on to do quality work.



Home Window Tinting January, 18 2017

We first used Tim’s Home Window Tinting over 24 years ago when he first began his business. We were so pleased that after replacing all windows and doors in the same home we had him return in August ’16 to tint the new windows and doors. We just couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to not only a savings on our electric bill, but to enjoy the lovely look the tint gives us and also helping with the glare. I’m so glad we remembered Tim and blessed that he was still in business so that we could receive the same quality service we did 24 years ago.

The Downing Family in Coppell


Home Window Tinting July, 12 2016

Hi, Tim. I’m extremely happy with the windows and especially all the people involved. You did a fantastic job and I will certainly recommend your company. Chris was great. Thanks!





Home Window Tinting July, 28 2016


Thank you for being our quality home window tinting go-to company! You have a wonderful staff and have taken care of all our window tinting needs for over 12 years. We will continue to recommend you to our family and friends. Thank you for your excellent product and service!


Linda and Pete





Home Window Tinting July, 13 2015

While we are still acclimating to the new view looking out the windows, we are absolutely certain that the choice of the #15 film was the perfect solution for us.  The view through the film is undistorted but noticeably darker…which is exactly what we wanted!  We no longer have the blinding glare from the afternoon sun, and that not only makes TV watching easier, but the rooms on the west side of the house are cooler.  Your team arrived exactly on schedule, were efficient and friendly, and finished before I expected.  I’ll gladly be a reference for your company, if ever you wish.






Home Window Tinting June, 10 2015


I just wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciate your companies service 12 years after my original install.

My house being 12+ years old has had the occasional need for window replacement. Your company has taken care of all my repair needs in a very timely and professional manner.

Some of the benefits we have recognized over the years are reduced damaging UV rays, heat reduction and a added layer of protection on windows during thunderstorms.

There is no doubt if I ever have the need for future filming you will be the first I call.






Home Window Tinting June, 8 2015

Dear Tim,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the superior customer service you have provided over the past eighteen years.  Any issue we have had with the 3M window tints over that time has been promptly and expertly handled (not that there have been many).  Eighteen years ago you installed tints on every window of our new home in Texas.  The sun has been hot and intense but the films held up.  We had one window bubble several years ago and you promptly replaced the tint.  This year we experienced several tint failures, bubbling and crazing.  You came out, reviewed each tint and found a few more in the process of failure that I hadn’t yet noticed.  You arranged for your expert team to
replace them all under the 3M lifetime warranty.

We are so impressed.  You and your team are a pleasure to work with.  Our windows look great and we have total
confidence in you and in 3M as a result of our experience.

Thank you!!


Diane in Southlake



Home Window Tinting May, 28 2015


Chris and Robert just left and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate those two gentlemen. I hope for your sake that you take great care of them.

They did a very nice job and left our home as they found it. That is not always the case in this day and time.

Again, thank you for having such professional individuals working for you.

Thanks much,
Dennis and Kathy



Home Window Tinting May, 22 2015

I had Home Window Tinting come out and tint several of our windows including a wall of windows that are 20 feet tall.

The crew was very professional and knowledgeable. They were careful to not create or leave any mess and did an outstanding job.

The Windows look amazing after the tinting and we can’t wait for summer 🙂

Southlake, TX




Home Window Tinting January, 9 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I had Home Window Tinting & Commercial, tint six of my windows, in 1997. I Just replaced 22 windows on the east side of my house, due to seal failure. These had no window film on them.

The six windows on the west side of my house, which were tinted, had no window failure. This just proves, once again, that window film does not cause seal failure.


Shari Short



Home Window Tinting November, 22 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

One of Little Elm’s Facilities Department objectives is to deliver a comfortable and efficient place for Staff and the residents of the Town to work and visit. The Town has had several occasions to contract with Tim’s Window Tinting this year to help meet these goals. Being a Town on Lake Lewisville, our buildings have a lot of glass with various directional sun exposures. The sun creates a variety of issues inside our buildings: i.e. glare, heat and UV exposure. Several of our buildings have been uncomfortable for Staff and the public due to sunlight and heat entering the building through the exterior glass.

Tim’s Window Tinting offered the Town several window film products. These products offered very good warranties and Tim’s Window Tinting gave the Town very competitive pricing. Additionally Tim’s installation crew was very accommodating by scheduling the work as not to impact the operations of the facilities. This included Saturday an off hours installations. The Town initially contracted with Tim’s Window Tinting at our Public Safety Center. Staff from other departments evaluated the huge reduction in blinding sunlight, glare and the reduction in heat. Since that time Tim’s Window Tinting has installed window tint at several of our buildings. These installations were managed extremely well with very high praise from Town Staff.

It’s been a pleasure completing our projects with such a knowledgeable and professional firm and I would highly recommend Tim’s Window Tinting.

T. Lynn Tompkins, Jr.
Facilities Manager – CIP Project Manager



Home Window Tinting August, 21 2014


Thank you for checking up on the installation. The film looks great and is doing exactly what we wanted. Your installers were swift and efficient. Even calling to request an earlier arrival time. I am pleased with with entire process: scheduling, arrival, profession and swift installation, courteous installers, product performance and price.

Thanks again,

Lonnie Jarrell



Home Window Tinting August, 11 2014

Finally enjoying west facing bedroom after installation of PR-40 window tint! What a difference…room is comfortable even with west sun and high temps.

Ray Peters



Home Window Tinting Feb, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Tim and your company. Pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Job was done perfect and just as quoted. Thanks.

Scott Alford


Home Window Tinting June 12, 2014

Very impressed with Tim and Home Window Tinting. Very professional, great service, timely install and good prices. We are very happy with the tint and noticeable reduction in room temperatures.

Thanks Home Window Tinting! Jeff Fountaine

Home Window Tinting October 25, 2013

Fine company. All the personnel (Tim, Dawn, Chris, Robert, Brian and Mike) I have dealt with have been extremely professional and competent. The technicians are always on-time. The job is always done right. They are very courteous and helpful….and deliver a product of value.

Thanks Home Window Tinting! RRackley

Home Window Tinting August 10, 2013

I had 32 windows covered with PR70 3M film and I am very satisfied with this product. The installers were very competent and courteous. Glad I made the decision to go with Home Window Tinting.

Max Hunter

Home Window Tinting August 8, 2013

Great work guys! Everything looks great and the room is waaaaay cooler.


Home Window Tinting February 12, 2013

We have been a customer of Home Window Tinting since 2004 and have been satisfied with the quality of the product applied to our windows. The tinting has held up over the years and the service from Tim and his staff has been impeccable. We recently had an occasion to have Tim repair damage to several windows. Home staff came out in a timely manner and repaired the tinting to its original condition. It is has been a pleasure working with Tim. He is knowledgeable, friendly and a true professional.  I would highly recommend Time’s Window Tinting.

Don Brei

Home Window Tinting 11/18/2011

Home Window Tinting 11/30/2011

As you know my wife and I moved into our present home in Lantana, TX in December 2004. Previously we had lived in the Cayman Islands and Fort Lauderdale where we became acquainted with the benefits of tinting windows, both from the aspect of the sun’s rays and also the benefits during hurricanes etc., when debris would impact the house and windows. When we moved to Lantana, we contacted you and your firm did an excellent job in tinting our whole house. The staff worked hard and had the whole house completed in a day. They were a credit to you and the company. They were most respectful of my wife and I and also the property. They were a pleasure to have in our house. Little did I know then, that our decision would yield tremendous benefits for us in June 2011.

You may recall a substantial hail storm during the night of the 21st, accompanied by winds of 70 miles an hour. The hail was mainly golf ball size. The storm came from the west and the western side of our property was badly damaged. We needed a new roof, guttering, windows etc. But – the windows although broken and shattered remained intact in the frames, totally because of the tint used. Our neighbors who did not have the tint on the windows suffered hailstones as far as 12 feet inside their properties. The tint saved us enormous further expense and inconvenience and we cannot speak too highly about it. Most of all it kept us secure during the tenure of the storm.

Today your crew has again been out to our house to re-tint the windows on the back of the house which had since been replaced. Again they were a credit to you and the company. They were reflective of the caring attitude you have always shown towards us, your customers. A job very well done. Please pass our thanks to all involved.




John & Lynn Boaden

Home Window Tinting 11/18/2011

Dear Tim

I write to you regarding the hailstorm Lantana experienced in June 2011 and the subsequent damage to houses. The majority of homes in Lantana were impacted in one way or another by the hail and winds. Our house suffered roof damage, window damage, guttering, AC units and other items. Our immediate neighbors suffered similarly. Some unfortunately had hail go through the broken windows into the interior of their homes.

You may recall when we moved into our home in 2004 you ‘tinted’ our windows with a 3M product. I want you to know that that product saved us potentially substantial interior damage. Although the majority of the windows on the back of our property were broken, the tint held the windows in place and accordingly not one piece of hail entered our home, unlike our neighbors. I had seen the benefits of the tint when I worked in Cayman during hurricanes and storms there, but I had not witnessed the benefits firsthand until this hail storm. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this product and also the excellent services you and your staff provided in installing the same.

Kindest regards.


Home Window Tinting 11/17/2010

We cannot say enough great things about Home Window Tinting! What an incredible difference it makes in the comfort level and privacy of our home. Our sincerest appreciation to Tim, Dawn, Chris, Robert, Brian and Zach for your ultimate professionalism and outstanding customer service. Please feel free to use our name as a referral for your company and products.

Shane & Kim Kelley

Home Window Tinting 01/30/2009

In our current and previous home we tried screens, with the the 3M film we’ve noticed a huge difference, less glare and fabric fading to name a few. Also, our cats enjoy a lovely view out the window without the hindrance of screens. Your crew was professional, courteous and prompt. Thanks

E. Garvey


Home Window Tinting 01/15/2009

The 3M materials are great and your crew was professional, timely, and cleaned up when the job was completed.

Thank you,

John Rose

Trinity River Townhomes

Home Window Tinting 12/08/2008

You have done our 2nd home. Once again, great job

Tommy Stephens


Home Window Tinting 11/20/2008

You guys did a great job on our windows. Thanks Tim & Crew!

James Click

Flower Mound

Home Window Tinting 03/15/2009

The west side of our home contains floor to ceiling windows and the 3M tinting has reduced heat and glare. Tim’s service was professional, caring, and the job was flawless. Tim visited us personally and made sure that we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend this company and will use them again to treat some other windows in my home.

Sherry Baines

Frisco, Texas

Home Window Tinting 03/19/2009

Tim and Crew, Thanks for the great and professional service. The whole process was easy and very informative. The install crew was considerate and professional. Overall, great job, I can already tell the differences the tint is making in the house. Now I’m considering more windows and will definite use you again and recommend you.

Thank again.

P. Brand


Home Window Tinting 04/10/2009

Great product and great customer service.

Firoz Vohra

Flower Mound

Home Window Tinting 07/29/2009

This our second house with window tint on the windows. Tim’s crew came on time and went right to work. They were very careful removing the blinds, window treatments and funiture. The crew was pleasant and polite. They worked together like a well oiled machine.


L. McRae


Home Window Tinting June, 2008

Dear Tim & Staff:

Just a few lines to let you know how very pleased we are with our new tinted windows – what a difference! Everything you said was true – no glare, we can finally see the picture on the TV, and less heat! You have a terrific product and, I might add, a great installation team. Your employee’s are so courteous and answered all our questions.
I will gladly refer your company to all our friends.


Gail & Dan Crowe

Colleyville, TX

Home Window Tinting October 31, 2007

Dear Tim & Staff:Just a quick note to thank you and your crew. The team was very professional from start to finish. They showed up on time and did the job right. Cindy and I are very pleased with the outcome. Rest assured I’ll be referring your company to all my friends and neighbors.Sincerely,Mark and Cindy Bass

Home Window Tinting August 11, 2006

Dear Tim

Staff: Jason and I are very glad we made the decision to tint instead of putting up solar screens. We are very happy with the outcome! We noticed a drop in temperature even as the guys were installing the tint. We also appreciate the professional and friendly persona that your staff has. Many times it is uncomfortable to have people working inside your home, but we couldn’t have been more pleased with this group of guys!
Thanks so much for a job well done…I’m recommending you guys to everyone I can.

Thank you,
Marsea Favors

Home Window Tinting July 11, 2006Dear Tim

Staff:I found your information on the web last night and it was such a great memory for me. I had you tint my parents house in Carrollton almost 9 years ago. They have since passed away but I remembered your name and the great job you did. I now live in between Aubrey and Pilot Point right off of Hwy 377 and I would like to have all of my windows tinted. I want to have the night vision type of tinting applied. I have approximately 20 windows and two glass doors that need tinting. I would like to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks for still being in business. It truly brought a smile to my face last night because I knew I had found someone I could trust. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Sincerely,Donna Ramsey

Home Window Tinting March 13, 2006 Dear Tim

Staff:Just wanted to tell you how much we love our windows since you worked your “magic”! It’s so nice to be able to have the blinds open to let the light in without feeling guilty about the electric bill. All of the guys were professional and very nice, thanks for a great product and awesome customer service!Thanks,Sharon Welsh

Home Window Tinting June 28, 2005

Dear Tim

Staff:Tim, we appreciated you taking the time to teach us the ins-and-outs of solar protection for our home. We had considered having solar screens put on our windows but after talking with you we realized that was not the way to go, especially since we dislike the appearance of dark screens on the outside of a home. We also realize 3M, the product you use, has a good reputation.I would like to commend your staff with the installation of the solar film in our home. Your four employees (Eric, Matt, Nick, and Ryan) were very polite, courteous, and efficient in doing their work. They did a great job with taking down the blinds and putting everything back in place after they were finished. There was no mess left behind and that was a big plus!We have already noticed the difference with less heat penetration through
our windows. We’re sure that over a period of time we will see a considerable difference in our cooling costs.
Our home even looks cooler inside with the tint in place.

The gift box of 3M goodies was a nice surprise too! All the items will be put to good use.

Customer service is your best quality and this will sell your product and service over and over again. Keep up the good work and feel free to use us as a reference.


Judy Rollins

Little Elm, TX

Home Window Tinting April 27, 2005

Tim,My wife called you yesterday to give us an estimate on window tinting for our home. I must say I went into this with serious trepidation. This day and time you never know who to trust especially when it comes to Contractors. I wanted to let you know we are thrilled with you, your product as well as the service your installers provided. Your tint installers Chris and Eric did a wonderful job. They were missing a piece of tint and went as far as to go get the needed supplies and install it the same day. You were here yesterday and had your people here less than 24 hours later to fulfill our needs. That is truly an exception, as far as service, this day and time.
Your Installers were very polite, hardworking, and cognizant of their work. They cleaned up their mess and got the job done. They were a pleasure to deal with. Your product is awesome! Your attentiveness to us was greatly appreciated!!

Lonnie C. Brantley

Southlake, TX

Home Window Tinting March 23, 2004

Dear Tim,We are completely pleased with the window tinting that your crew installed for us! I cannot understand why anyone would choose solar screens over the 3M film applied directly to the window glass. We don’t have the hassle of full size screens to remove when we want to have the exterior windows washed, and the slight reflective sheen from the exterior looks sharp when viewed from the street. In fact, several of our neighbors have commented on how nice the windows look from the outside.Of course, none of the above is why we had the tinting applied, though it is all desirable. Indeed, the tinting allows a warm sunny glow to light up our rooms—no more darkness from blinds remaining shut all summer. I can already tell the rooms are cooler as well.Since we moved here from the north, we have had a great deal of work done on our house and have had dealings with many different sub-contractors. You and your crew are among the most pleasant, reliable, and professional to work with since we have been in Texas. You have a super product and are a great company to work with


Anne L. S. Ehrenreich

Grapevine, TX

Home Window Tinting February 20, 2003

Hi Tim,Great to run into you at the grocery store. As I told you, the window tint that you put on our home windows in 1991 is still great! No discolor, no peeling or bubbling. There is one scratch on the storm door that a repair man did to it 5 or 6 years ago, and it has never pulled away from the glass, so does not need to be repaired. We were able to do away with the blinds that we had in the living room and dinning room! That was a great surprise. I can’t tell you how much cooler that the house is! My house plants do not “burn” in the south and west windows either.I would never dream of a car without some tint on the windows and would never consider living in a house without tint either!
The daytime privacy it affords is worth it alone.Thanks again!

Madge Wickline

Home Window Tinting September 30, 2002

To whom it may concern: Home Window Tinting completed our windows last month, and we couldn’t be happier. We felt the difference in the amount of incoming heat the instant the film was installed. The installation was completed ahead of schedule by prompt, professional installers. We are looking forward to working with Tim and his assistants to complete our entire home with film. Overall, our experience was exceptional!Sincerely,Mike and Stephanie Eiffert

Highland Village, TX

Home Window Tinting November 20, 2001

Dear Tim: We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the window tinting that we had put on our windows this past summer. We just wish we would have done it sooner!! We had just moved here from California and of course bought a home with lots of windows—not realizing how warm it would make our house. In one day, after having the windows tinted, there was an amazing difference. We could not be happier.We also wanted to compliment you and your staff, Tim. You were all wonderful and very professional.We highly recommend Tim’s Window Tinting.


Dawn and Jim Hale

Irving, Texas

Home Window Tinting May 14, 2000

Dear Tim,

Westwood Contractors, Inc. wishes to extend a note of thanks for the work your company performed on the Linens ‘N’ Things project in Rockwall, TX. You and your field superintendent were an integral part of the construction process that allowed us to complete the store within the time constraints set forth by the owner. It is always pleasant to work with good subcontractors like yourself. Thank you again for your help on this project.

Congratulations on a Job well done. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Best Regards,

Westwood Contractors

Mr. Anderson

Project Manager Mr. Rinderknecht

Project Superintendent

Home Window Tinting March 2, 2000

To Whom it may concern:Tim’s window tinting has completed several projects with our company over the last three years. They have been dependable, reliable and reasonable. They have successfully completed every project in a timely fashion and even exceeded expectations in most cases.Tim’s window tinting is an organization that I would highly recommend.Sincerely, E. Stutts

Lakeside Fixture L.L.C

Home Window Tinting May 27, 1999

Mr. Tim Miller President of Home Window Tinting Dear Sir: I want to compliment your work and the benefits of your
window tinting to our home here in McKinney. The tinting you put on six and a half years ago has stood up perfectly with the test of time; no bubbles, streaks or any imperfections. People throughout the neighborhood have asked who has done our windows and we highly recommended you. The windows you have done for our neighbors have been flawless and we hear nothing but good things about you.

The problem that my wife had in Virginia and Ohio with the sunlight fading the furniture has been nonexistent here in sun drenched Texas. Your tinting has extended the life of our antique furniture and draperies and has been well worth the investment. The cooling bills have also dropped significantly due to your tinting.

Your professionalism, attitude, service, and product have us recommending you to our neighbors and everyone who visits the house. Thank you for your excellent work.


Dr. Mann

Vice President, Operations Research

First USA, A Bank One Company

Home Window Tinting May 16, 1998

Dear Mr. Miller,Thanks for a great job! We weren’t quite sure if window tinting was the right way to go but after living with it for almost a year we know the investment was worth it. The quality of work was superb and the no hassle response to requests for touch-ups was a welcome and added reassurance at the time of our move into the Dallas area.
Your expert advise, attention to detail and quick response to all our questions was almost a surprise in this fast growing area, where we had no idea who to call or where to go.

We feel very lucky to have chosen your company and its well trained and cordial crew.

Thanks Again!

Mr. Fedri

We Would Like To Hear Your Comments

We Would Like To Hear Your Comments