Safety and Security Film

Legacy Christian Academy

This project required a safety and security film with a minimalistic looking attachment system.    The film is 3M Ultra 800 with our patented Z Secure attachment system on the door and Pentagon Protection Standard Elite on the windows. 


Interior picture of Z Secure attachment system with matching metal to door frame

Attachment Systems

Legacy Christian

This is the inside view of the door with the Z Secure attachment system installed

Z Secure Attachment System

Close up view of the interior door with Z Secure attachment system installed


This is a copy of our patent for Z Secure attachment system

Bird Safety

Fannie Mae

When this large new building was constructed while it is visually stunning, it created a problem no one saw coming.  Not even the birds.    Upon completion the tenants of the new Fannie Mae building started to notice an inordinate amount of dead birds along the entrance from the parking garage to the building.    They were dumbfounded and did not know what could be causing the deaths.   Until one day they witnessed a bird dive bomb from the sky and fly right into the clear glass resulting in a lifeless bird laying flat on the ground.     This is when they knew something had to be done and they reached out to us to help ensure all of the Birds Lives Matter.