Energy Savings Products Comparison

Dollar for Dollar window film is the #1 product you can install to save energy in your home; it is #2 in office buildings. Window film will aide in making your home/office cooler but has other notable benefits such as protecting the interior; i.e.- expensive wood flooring, furniture, artwork, carpet. Blinds, drapes and shutters are nice and necessary for evening privacy but these also need protection from the sun’s damaging rays.
Window film also reduces glare, allowing you to see your television and/or computer screen better; there are even window films that can provide complete daytime privacy.


If your air conditioning unit is 10 years old or older, replacement would of course be the most energy efficient improvement you can make but the cost is high and it still doesn’t improve the thermal efficiency of your glass. Radiant barrier is a good product; the way it truly saves energy is it makes your attic cooler which in turn makes the air in your duct work cooler so that when your system comes on, it doesn’t have to re-circulate the warmer air.


The best thing you can do for your attic is to have it properly insulated and ventilated; remember heat rises.


We know about the other heat-reducing products that are available; we want window film to have the same consideration, especially since it is a proven energy–saving product, with added benefits such as reducing glare, interior fading and can reduce the risk of bodily injury and damage to the interior of your home or office due to flying glass from debris, high winds, hail or something as simple as a ball being thrown by the kids.


We at Home Window Tinting Inc. specialize in applying window film to flat glass only (some curved sunrooms). If you think about all the advantages of having window film on your home or office windows, it’s a no-brainer. A very typical comment is “I have blinds to keep the sun out.” Yes, blinds keep the sun out but those same blinds are also absorbing the sun’s heat, and they collect dust, odors and block the view. Window film not only significantly reduces the heat from the direct sun, but the heat radiating from the ground, the house next door, or the driveway. Let us show you, not just tell you how. Protect your home, your family, your business. Let some light in and enjoy your view.