Residential Safety & Security


Save for somewhere

Protecting your home is more important than ever, and we offer a line of window films tailored to these concerns. Safety & Security Film is an affordable and effective way to provide security and help reduce your chance of loss and add to your peace of mind. This upgrade will provide a tough and durable protective shield when professionally installed to the inside of your windows along with the proper attachment system.


Benefits of Safety & Security Film

  • Security against crime
  • Protection against forced entry
  • Protection from severe weather
  • Safety against injury
  • Bomb blast mitigation protection
  • Improved comfort from heat reduction
  • Reducing glare and fading

***Safety and Security Film is only as good as the attachment system that holds the film onto the window.   We have a patented and tested attachment system called Z Secure.   You can learn more about it here.

***Safety and Security Film is NOT bulletproof but can provide protection from bomb blasts. 

Why Choose Us?

To help achieve the goals of each of our customer’s needs, safety and security films along with attachment systems come in a wide variety of shades, shapes and styles. As a leader in Safety and Security Film installation we have the knowledge and expertise to properly guide you in your decision.  Contact Us to schedule a consultation or check out our window film Gallery for more references.