The cost of window film or tinting for your home or commercial building can vary greatly.  Why is that you ask? 

The reason is the film or tinting that you choose, the second is the amount of square footage, the size of the glass and the numbers of panes or if the windows require a ladder to get to them.

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We can also

There is Prestige Series from 3M, a nonreflective high heat reducing film that is safe for double paned glass. This series has five different shades. Prestige 70 being the lightest then Prestige 60, Prestige 50, Prestige 40 and the darkest is Prestige 20.  Prestige 70 and 60 are the most expensive in this series. The 3M Prestige 50, 40 and 20 are a bit less expensive than the Prestige 60 and 70. These are considered higher end products.  They cost us more so they will cost the end user more.  They are not necessarily better, just different.

Then our 3M Night Vision Series is less expensive than the Prestige Series. 3M Night Vision Series comes in 3 different shades, but we only use the Night Vision 25 and the Night Vision 15.  The Night Vision 15 is our most popular film or tinting.  In the opinion of most, the 15 is not to dark, not to light and gives great daytime privacy and has great glare and heat reducing properties as well. These are considered middle of the road pricing. 

We also carry window films from Avery Dennison Optitune 05, Optitune 15 and Optishade Series 15, Optishade 25.  These are considered our budget films, but the Optitune 5 is the darkest strongest film on the market that is safe for insulated windows. Avery Denison was known as Hanita Coatings.  We also started to carry the new dual reflective DR 05 from Llumar/ Eastman. 

In addition to doing sun and heat control films we also carry 3M Safety and Security Films that come in various thicknesses and shades.  Let’s start with our 3M Ultra 800 Clear, our most popular security film.  This product is clear and only has UV protection, not any glare or heat control.

  Then we have our 3M Ultra Prestige 50 & 70 along with Ultra Night Vision 25. These products will achieve ANSI 97.1 Safety Standard when applied to annealed glass just like the Ultra 800 does.  ANSI 97.1 is a standard that tempered glass meets.  Tempered glass for those who do not know breaks into tiny pieces and annealed glass can seriously injure  you or worse.

   The Ultra Prestige Series can be used for display windows where you want security and heat control but want to see in and out of those windows’ day and night.  3M Ultra Night Vision Series also gives a bit of daytime privacy along with superior safety and security along with great heat reduction.  Please always remember this.  If you are getting security film of any sort to keep the bad guys out, IT MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE FRAME! In almost every situation regarding residential style windows silicone will not work to secure your doors or windows!!! Our company is the best in the business and holds patents on multiple shapes and sizes of attachment systems to conform to the multiple shapes and angles of the frames.

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