It has been an interesting year to say the least in the window film or window tinting industry.  The first 2 plus months we were on record pace and our employees were getting a lot of hours and then COVID 19 arrived.  

Business practically stopped. Then mid-April came and as usual we started picking up.  With stay at home orders and businesses having their employees working from home our residential tinting business soared. People were stuck at home and realized how warm their homes were getting.  Homeowners were trying to figure out how to combat the heat, glare and fading.

 They turned to Home Window Tinting and Commercial.  We were able to show our customers a large selection of window film from our clear 3M Prestige 70 to 3M Night Vision 15 our most popular product.  We also carry a nice selection of films from Avery Dennison. Our most popular product is Optitune 5, the darkest film that is safe for double paned or insulated windows.

Our customers had many wants and needs from our films and we delivered. Window film has a lot of benefits.  Let us start with complete daytime privacy while being able to still see out. The products that cover this category are 3M’s Night Vision 15 and Avery Dennison’s Optitune 5. 

These products have a nice, mirrored appearance from outside and low reflection inside. These films replaced the old-style reflective films from the 80’s and 90’s. They have heat reducing properties ranging from 72% to 83% and glare reducing properties from 83% to 93%.

We also carry lighter films that cut almost cut as much heat, but allow more visible light into the room. This is our 3M Night Vision 25, Prestige 20, Prestige 40 and Prestige 50.  Night Vision 25 and Prestige 50 cut about 60% of the heat, yet Prestige 50 allows 25% more light into the room.  In many cases we can mix the products to achieve specific goals.

We gladly come to your home with mask if necessary and give you an in-home consultation.   Our company follows temperature taking protocol daily for your protection against COVID-19

We also carry a very large selection of decorative or frosted style films. The following films are just what we keep in stock. 

3M Fasara Series Milano, San Marino, Oslo,  Kannon, Glace, Yamato, Sagano as well as our gradient films.

All our employees are neat, clean, insured and bonded.  We show up on time and leave your home as clean if not cleaner than when we arrive.  Please pay a visit to our showroom located at 650 East Hwy 121 Business Suite 310 Lewisville Texas 75057.  972-539-2989 or you may reach out to the owner Tim Miller 972-877-3195.


Thanks for reading,

Tim Miller