Transom windows – which typically sit above a door, another window, or high up on a wall — have always been popular, going back to centuries-old historical buildings across the world. Today, many homeowners enjoy the benefits of transom windows including increased light, privacy, and fresh air ventilation.  However, like traditional windows, transom windows can also cause excessive sunlight, glare, and energy loss.  That’s why, if you have a transom window – or are considering adding some in your home – you should strongly consider window tinting.


There are other options to transform your transom windows such as blinds, shades, shutters or fabric – but the easiest and most cost-effective solution is window tinting.  When a tinted film is used as a coating on the glass, it acts as a light-blocker – similar to what is used in sunglasses.


The window film not only keeps your room appropriately lit, but it also protects your furnishings against harmful rays of the sun.  Many homeowners love this option because it doesn’t cause any changes to the overall aesthetics and view.  The windows look the same, just with the added tint.


Another benefit of using a tint on transom windows is the flexibility it provides.  Being that transom windows come in so many shapes – from squares and rectangles to half and quarter arches, round and octagons – you want a cost-effective solution that can easily be applied to any size or shape.  And tinting is exactly that!


Transom windows bring many benefits to your home. The options for style and shape are unlimited, as is the continuing enjoyment they bring to your home’s environment and aesthetic appeal – both inside and out.  Window tinting is the perfect way to enhance both the look and function of your transom windows! Contact Hometint for more info.