Every employer would like to increase the comfort, morale and productivity of their employees.  Window tinting is a simple, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution that’s a win-win for everyone!  Consider the many benefits of commercial window tinting:

Increases comfort level.  Any sunlit environment is subject to problems including glare, heat, hotspots and fluctuating temperatures.  Commercial window tinting screens out significant amounts of UV rays, heat and glare in order to soften the light, balance the temperature, and maintain a comfortable work environment all year-round. 

  • Saves on energy costs.  Offices of any size will save money by maintaining a consistent temperature.  Businesses see an immediate return on their investment by lowering the energy and operating costs every month. 
  • Protects your office interior.  Interior space can experience damaging and harmful effects from solar heat and UV rays from the sun — including fading of merchandise, furniture, carpet, draperies and equipment.  Window tints can reject up to 99% of destructive UV light and solar heat, subsequently protecting your investment and turning saved dollars into profits!
  • Enhances safety and security.  Glass and windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of any building.  Commercial window tinting helps hold window glass in place if shattered, thereby reducing the chances of burglary, property damage and personal injury.
  • Beautifies your office appearance.  Many commercial window tints today offer a large selection of styles and designs to provide a professional and aesthetically- pleasing appearance.  Your employees and clients will all be impressed by the new look!
  • Provides privacy.  Office window tinting is a great way to allow natural light into your office while limiting visibility from the outside. 
  • Maintenance-free and easy to install.  Window tint is fingerprint-resistant and virtually maintenance free!  And when it comes to installation, it’s done easily and efficiently without having to remove the glass and causing disruption to employees and clients.

With so many benefits, there’s every reason to consider window tinting for your office.  It truly is a win-win for everyone! Contact Home Tint Today!