Attention. Builders, Superintendents, Warranty walk-through personnel, Project Managers and the misinformed.


We at Home Window Tinting  understand that the application of window film to insulate glass voids the manufacturer’s warranty. However, it doesn’t harm the sealed unit, contrary to popular belief. The Window Film Committee of the Association of Industrialized Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators commissioned testing be done on standard sealed units with and with-out window film. Based on testing conducted on these units, window film had no observable effect on the performance of high quality manufactured insulated units. 3M and Hanita in conjunction with Home Window Tinting covers the warranty for the customer and relieves the builder and the window manufacturer from any liability for seal failure.


Another myth is that window film will crack all of your glass. Thermal fractures do occur very rarely and here at Home Window Tinting, we want you to be confident in our business and services, so all window film manufacturers that we use cover against thermal fractures for 5 years after installation. Most builders and glass manufacturers only cover against stress or thermal fracture for one year.