Did you know that a recent U.S. Department of Energy study shows that 30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes literally goes out the window?  That’s why an increasing number of homeowners are turning to window film/tinting as a climate control solution to save money on energy bills and maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

How does window film help with climate control?
The technology for climate control window film uses “low e-technology” to regulate heat transfer and improve window insulation.  Homeowners with climate control film commonly save 15-30% annually on energy costs.

Additional benefits of window film for climate control include:

·    Insulates your home in the winter and summer.  In the winter, quality window film such as 3M’s Thinsulate keeps warm air from escaping, allowing your heating system to conserve energy.  In the summer, it reflects the sun’s heat to keep your home cool.
·    It’s unnoticeable.  Window film is invisible, but a highly effective climate control solution!
·    Improves HVAC efficiency.  Window film can dramatically improve HVAC efficiency, which in turn provides lower energy costs.
·    Increases comfort level.  With climate control tint, you can sit by the windows without having to endure the discomfort from the cold or hot temperatures outside.
·    Less expensive than new windows.  Double and triple pane windows can be very expensive.  Climate control window tinting accomplishes the same job without the unnecessary expense.  
·    Easy installation and no maintenance.  Climate control window tinting is easily installed on your existing windows and requires no maintenance or renovation.

Window film is also the perfect climate control solution for commercial spaces!
As with your home, window film offers an ideal solution for your office or business.  In addition to all of the other benefits related to climate control and energy efficiency, you’ll keep your employees and customers happy and comfortable – and see a return on your investment in two to five years!

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