Every NFL fan knows what an incredible, state-of-the-art facility the Cowboys have in AT&T Stadium.  However, as witnessed in Cowboy afternoon games – both on TV and in person – the sunlight and glare streaming in through the massive windows causes a big problem for players and fans alike.  Applying the same principles of commercial window tinting, imagine some of the potential benefits of window tinting at AT&T Stadium!  
Well, just for fun, we have:

·    Reduced glare – and fewer dropped balls.   Excessive glare from the sun <http://www.arcticwindowtinting.com/glare.html> at the stadium is a common complaint by Cowboy receivers.   Tinted windows at AT&T would mean less glare and fewer dropped balls for players, just like it means less glare and improved visibility for your own building’s occupants!
·    Better visibility for fans.  Fans in certain sections of AT&T stadium are often bathed in sunlight, causing poor visibility and even excessive heat.  Just like the players, fans will also enjoy improved vision and more comfortable conditions with window tinting.  And so will your employees!
·    Better visibility for refs.  Even for referees of the game, the glare can cause problems with visibility.  Tint those windows and have fewer challenges and replays!
·    Reduction of interior fading.  We all know how much Jerry has spent on the interior furnishings of the stadium, just like you spend on the furnishings of your office.  Window tinting blocks up to 100% of UV rays, known to be the major cause of damage to floors, window treatments, artwork, furniture, merchandise – and yes, even stadium turf!
·    Improved energy efficiency.  Reducing energy transfer in your office will result in less work for your cooling and heating system by maintaining even temperatures all year round. This translates into lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs, while increasing comfort – without spending a lot of money!  Just imagine how much Jerry could save on his utility bills with tinted windows!  
·    Return on investment.  Not that Jerry is going to sell the stadium anytime soon, but window tinting costs a fraction of the cost of a replacement window (or window treatments), so he should see an immediate return on his investment – just like you’ll see in your own property!

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