When it comes to tint both the Night Vision Series and Prestige Series will do wonders for your home or business. They both offer heat and glare reduction, and they come in several different colors. But there are some differences in them.


Night Vision Series films will give you a lessened exterior glare reduction with an high interior reduction as well.

The 3 colors available are:

  • NV15 the darkest
  • NV25 medium
  • NV35 is the lightest


The Prestige Series Film are considered great for heat and glare reduction. They are known for completely eliminating reflection. They are best referred to as high heat and high glare reducers. It has a less interior reflection then the glass itself.
So as you can see both series are great tint for your home or business. It comes down to the color and reflectiveness of both of these tints to make the main difference.