What Is Decorative Film And How Can it Save You Money

Decorative film is something you probably see a lot without even noticing it. It is applied to glass doors and windows to give the glass a sandblasted look (typically with some design elements added) that is both practical and pretty. In homes it is commonly seen in bathroom showers and windows, on garage doors, and skylights. In businesses, it is commonly seen on glass doors and large windows that separate offices. These films come in many designs that can suit a variety of needs and styles. Some use this film to add a layer of design or even personal branding. Aside from looking nice, there are many practical, money saving benefits to installing decorative film for both business owners and homeowners .

It Increases Privacy

One obvious practical use is privacy. The sandblasted look of the film makes it difficult to see into a room or window with the film. This privacy brings an added layer of security to any home or business. Meetings and interviews can be confidential and loose documents are not easily seen by those passing by. This film can stop potential thieves from seeing into the home. It is a simple, cost effective first line of defense for loss prevention.
It Reduces Glare

Glare from direct sunlight can not only make screens difficult to see, but it can also cause eye irritation, strain, and even headaches. This strain makes it difficult to concentrate and accurately review information. In a business setting, this can reduce productivity and cost money over time. Glare in the home can delay activities such as recreational television watching, working at home, or DIY projects until the sun is in a more favorable position. The decorative film helps to filter the sunlight coming into the room, therefore reducing glare and eye strain and increasing productivity.
It Helps Lower Energy Costs

Covered windows are a great way to save on air conditioning and heating costs. The film acts as a layer of insulation of sorts, stopping air from escaping and keeping the internal temperature of the building consistent. This means cooler air when the air conditioner is on and warmer air when the heat is on. Filtering direct sunlight in the summer also helps keep rooms cooler since there is no direct heat coming in. This saves on overuse of central air in both the business and the home.
It Reduces Fading

Whether it’s used in a business or in the home, furniture can be hefty investment. Direct sunlight can have damaging effects on almost all furniture, especially wood. This damage can be costly or even impossible to repair. Decorative film’s ability to soften the harsh rays of the sun helps to minimize this damage and preserve expensive furniture and art in the long term.

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