If you work in an office – or even manage one – you likely know the problems associated with your windows, including excessive glare, heat, lack of privacy, and more.  Did you know that office window tinting is a simple and cost-effective solution for all of these issues?  At Home Window Tinting, we offer professional window tinting not just for your home – but for offices and commercial properties as well!  

Benefits of office window tinting
Thanks to advances in technology, today’s office window tinting has so much to offer, including a return on investment that can last up to 20 years.  Following are additional benefits you’ll receive from having office window tinting professionally installed:

·    Blocks out excess solar heat gain and provides consistent temperatures throughout your office.  
Did you know that approximately one-third of an average building’s cooling load is the result of solar heat gain through windows?  Also, in many buildings, outer offices can be significantly warmer than interior offices, particularly when some windows face south. Commercial HVAC systems have a hard time handling different heat loads from different areas, but office window tinting helps keep indoor temperatures more even, reducing the load on systems.  By reflecting and absorbing heat, office window tinting helps keep indoor temperatures more even and comfortable throughout a building – all year long.   
·    Blocks glare.  It’s great to work in a room that’s lit by natural daylight, but depending on the building’s orientation and the position of the sun overhead, glare can be a big problem. Office window tinting can help eliminate glare without significantly reducing the amount of daylight coming in. This can be very beneficial for people who work in front of a computer most of the day, since excess glare can result in eye strain and headaches. It’s also good for preventing glare off shiny surfaces, such as office floors, counters, and other hard surfaces.
·    Prevents fading.  UV rays streaming through your windows can fade furniture, drapes, carpets, photos, and artwork.  Office window tinting reduces UV rays by up to 98%, preserving the look of carpet, upholstery, and artwork without significantly reducing ambient visible light.  Blocking out UV rays also helps protect the health of your employees, who are at increased risk of skin cancer caused by harmful UV rays.
·    Enhances privacy and security.  Window films are designed so they let enough visible light in to preserve the view and allow people to see out, while significantly blocking the view of the interior from the outside. This is ideal for enhancing privacy without giving up a great view.  Many films today are thick enough that they can even help hold windows together should they be shattered, subsequently reducing damage to the interior and helping to keep your employees safe!
·    Enhances the exterior appearance.  Office window tinting is also a way to give the exterior of your building a great-looking makeover. Today’s office window tinting products are much more advanced than the products of the past. With office window tinting, your building can have a uniform, neat look from the outside, even if every office uses blinds or drapes differently. Custom window tinting can be created to incorporate patterns, logos, or your business name.  
·    Provides an excellent ROI and savings on energy bills.  Office window tinting, when installed by experienced professionals, can yield a return on investment in under three years in some cases.  And a carefully-planned window tinting project can also reduce your energy bills by up to 30%. 

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