There are lots of great reasons to install window film on your home windows, including:

·    Reduction of energy costs, both heating and air conditioning.

·    Decreased interior glare.

·    Protection of your furnishings, carpet, and flooring from fading due to UV rays.

·    Added privacy and security.

·    Safety and protection for your family from flying glass.

·    Enhanced appearance with custom looks and high-end finishes.

·    Last but not least, window film also helps protect the health of your family by blocking out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer.  Window films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Now that you know the benefits of window film, the decision becomes which film to choose for your home.  And there’s nothing better in the world than 3M Window Films!
The 3M Advantage
3M Window Film was the first and is still the best in the industry!  3M was issued the first sun control window film patent in 1966, and their innovative window film products have helped provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays for more than 50 years.   Additional benefits of 3M Window Film include:

·    The world’s best warranty. When you choose 3M Window Film, you’re choosing peace of mind.  With millions of square feet of 3M Window Film installed around the world, 3M stands firmly behind their products.  All 3M window film products are backed by an industry-leading 15 year warranty!

·    Maximum protection.  3M films offer maximum protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reject up to 72% of solar energy.  Not only will your home look great; it will become a cooler, safer place for you and your family — and your upholstery, carpets, wood floors, family photos and artwork will fade less and last longer.

·    Aesthetic versatility.  There are many lines of 3M Window Films available in different tones and shades, offering homeowners with a variety of choices to achieve different design goals. 

·    A range of options.  3M offers a wide variety of window films for every need.  Whether your priority is sun control, safety and security, decorative – or all of these – 3M Window Films has the perfect solution for you.


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