When we think of summer in Dallas, we think of kids being out of school, family vacations, time spent outside–and heat. In almost any corner of the country, summer features at least a few periods of stifling heat that can cost you a lot of money–often in ways you may never have thought about.

You can also prevent those expenses in ways you’ve never thought about, and the most effective one in Dallas is window tinting.

Many people think of window tinting in the context of cars, imagining celebrities quietly hidden behind dark glass. Certainly that’s a very popular application for window tinting, but homeowners can benefit from it as well.

Reduced Burden on your AC

The most obvious benefit of using window tint in the home is the heat that it excludes from the house. During the summer, the more sun you keep out, the less impact there is on your electric bill. Applying tint to at least the hottest sides of the house can go a long way toward reducing the work required of your air conditioner.

The electric bill isn’t even the whole benefit for your AC, either. A system that comes on more frequently for any reason–chief among them summer sun–is a system that wears out sooner, breaks down more often, and costs you more money.

Easier Sun Exclusion

Of course, we’ve been keeping sunlight out of homes for years with blinds, shades, and curtains. However, these are not the ideal choice. Window treatments can certainly add to the beauty of a room, but they are expensive to purchase and maintain. They can accumulate dust that is time-consuming to remove, and they must block your view completely to provide any benefit against the sun.

Window tinting comes in various gradations that permit you to choose just how dark you want the room to be, and you can still see outside even as the tint does its work for you. It’s also no harder to clean than an untinted window.

Added Security

One final benefit that you may not think about is security. Many would-be burglars try to “case out” a home before breaking in; that is, they peer through the windows to try to identify high-value items that they want to grab quickly when they enter.

Tinting makes this very difficult. Casual thieves can easily see through untinted windows from several feet away, but it’s nearly impossible to see valuables through tint without being right against it. Since that is a little too obvious, most thieves will stay away.

We invest a lot in our homes, and many of the things we include are there to help us save money. Energy-efficient air conditioning helps reduce utility bills, quality window treatments keep some sun out, and security systems deter thieves. These measures all pay dividends, but there is nothing that saves you money in all those areas quite as effectively as window tinting. Home Window Tinting, Inc. can be a great money-saving partner for you.

Call us today and schedule a complimentary consultation!  You may not be able to control the climate outdoors, but the pros at Home Window Tinting can help you control it indoors!