Tim’s Window Tinting Inc. is now dba as Home Window Tinting & Commercial.  The quality of our installations, products and personnel is still 2nd to none.  The reason for this change is simple, over 90% of homeowners do not even know our product exists (even though window film for your home is the #1 thing a person can install to save on energy dollar for dollar) the other 10% either think it’s bad for the double pane glass or have been told that it voids the warranty on their windows.  Although this may be true, have you actually read one of these window warranties? They are quite laughable.  If you actually have a window warranty in place 3M has programs in place to cover the window warranty concisely. 

Window tinting or window film has so many benefits.  In fact more benefits than any one single product on the market. 

Lets list them in no particular order.  Window film is the number 1 energy retrofit you can add to your home dollar for dollar, window tinting or window film can cut your cooling cost by 50%.  It allows you to enjoy your view out while giving you complete daytime privacy.  3M Window film also cuts 99.9% of the ultra violet rays , the 40% cause of fading of your furnishing, carpets, artwork, drapes and even your blinds.

In addition to that it can help prevent skin cancer. Window film is recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a way to reduce the chances of getting the disease.

Window film also reduces annoying glare which can cause migraine headaches and eye strain.  It also allows you to see your computer screen or television better without drawing your blinds or drapes.  Enjoy your view, stop living in the dark!

Window tinting or window film also helps hold the glass together in case of impact from a ball or wind borne debris. 

Window tinting or window film also reduces temperature imbalances other wise known as cold or hot spots. This is very common in homes and even more prevalent in commercial buildings.

Last but not least window film or window tinting will enhance the look of any home or commercial building by making the look more consistent by covering up the differences in window coverings.  An example of this is white shutters on the majority of the front of a home with dark shutters in the study or library and blinds in the garage.

We at Home Window Tinting & Commercial have a large selection of window films to cover almost every need or want. From clear heat reducing films to dark and reflective as well as hundreds if not thousands of frosted or decorative films.

We are also proud to have been serving the entire Dallas Fort Worth area for over 30 years now.  If you need any window film applied to your home or office, be sure to give us a call. There is no job to small or to large. We have full time, fully insured and bonded employees to serve your needs.


Window film can be said to be the best investment made for your home or office.  Please visit our website www.hometint.com or just give us a call at 972 539 2989