Summers in Texas are no joke. The moment the hot summer sun begins to beat down again means cranking up the air conditioning and not turning it off for months to come. But what is there was a way to keep your house cooler without having to expend so much energy? One of the most well known strategies for attacking this unique issue is through window tinting. Window tinting Frisco, Texas is a great way to reduce both energy bills and keep buildings cool on both a residential and a commercial scale. So, what are the biggest benefits to implementing window tinting in your home or business?

  • Less Heat Entering Your Home Or Business
  • Greater Energy Savings
  • Less Glare Indoors

Less Heat Entering Your Home Or Business

Light comes int through your windows in almost all the different types of wavelengths ranging from infrared all the way to more harmful types such as ultraviolet. With this light comes heat. The more light that gets into a home or business, the warmer it will become. By blocking some of this light through the use of window tinting, there will be less heat entering the home or business as well. Typically, window tint blocks some visible light but not so much that you are unable to see out the window. Because this is a one time installation, you can begin reaping the benefits the day it’s put into place.

Greater Energy Savings

One of the largest energy expenditures for home owners and businesses in Texas is cooling. In order to keep the living space or work areas comfortable, thousands of kilowatt hours are expended every year to keep air conditioners and central air systems running year round. Window tinting, because it reduces the amount of heat getting into your home or business to begin with, helps to reduce the amount of cooling that you must utilize. Because you are then using less of a cooling unit, you will also consume less energy. This translates to very real energy savings that you will quickly see in the form of lower monthly energy bills. Through these lower power bills, this window tinting can completely pay for itself over time.

Less Glare Indoors

When you’re relaxing in your home or trying to get some work done at your place of business, a ton of glare coming in through the windows can quickly ruin your mood and make it hard to get anything done. By installing window tinting, this glare can be drastically cut down and even eradicated completely while still allowing in plenty of natural light to make your home or office a warm and inviting place for you and guests alike.

By completing window tinting Frisco, Texas residents can reduce energy usage and keep your homes and businesses cool for years to come. Window tinting is a great way to complete a one time project that will continue to pay dividends well into the future.


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