Summer is Coming! Get a Head Start and Tint Your Home Now

Summer’s warmth is just around the corner, so it’s a good idea to start planning now when it comes to home improvements. You might plant a tree, install new drapes or upgrade your HVAC system in preparation for the heat. There’s an alternative with window film installed by Home Window Tinting, Inc. Explore the reasons why a tint job will positively impact your household.

Defining Comfort

One of the top reasons why you should upgrade to window tint is comfort. The sunlight that pours into the home makes it incredibly hot. You respond by pulling the drapes and darkening the interior. The summer is a beautiful time, however, and you want to see the exterior while maintaining a cool interior.

Specialized tint installed by our team allows you to open up the drapes as wide as you desire. The heat cannot radiate in. Furniture and rugs don’t fade. Your view isn’t compromised either. The film blocks harmful rays from entering the home while allowing the sunlight to remain natural in its hues.

Saving Energy

No one enjoys paying the energy bills in the summer. Installed tint will bring that energy cost down to incredibly low levels. Because the radiated heat isn’t baking the interior, you can set the air conditioning at a low level, such as 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although you’ll still run the AC during the summer, you may reach for the activation button less often. The tint will pay for itself over the life of the home. In fact, most tints last for a decade or longer.

Tightening Security

If you’ve ever wondered if tinting your window adds to its security level, you’re absolutely right. Specialized film referred to as security tint can be used to keep windows in place.

The film’s installation comes with an attachment system. If the glass is ever struck by an object, it might crack but remains in place. The attachment system works in harmony with the film to create a window without easy access.

Intruders look for easy targets. Security tint is certainly a frustration for them, so they might look for other targets and avoid your property altogether.

Keeping the Glass Together

In Dallas, you want to be as safe as possible around the property. Along with security film is the C-Bond system. Most consumers haven’t heard of this product, however.

C-Bond is actually a liquid that penetrates the glass structure. Any window can absorb C-Bond. As it merges into the glass, it fills in those microscopic cracks and holes that might contribute to visual issues. Our team can place film over a C-Bond treatment because it only strengthens the glass and tint together. The resulting window looks like a solid piece without any anomalies marring the view.

Contact Home Window Tinting, Inc. today at 972-539-2989. We’re proud to serve the communities in Dallas and surrounding it. Be proactive with your home improvements by working with our expert team. Window film on every glass surface makes a dramatic change to the property.