If you own a residence, or manage or own a building with glass.  It could be at risk of being attacked by people or the elements (Hail, debris from high winds etc.) then security window films is an ideal solution!


Security window film is a coating designed to keep glass intact when shattered in the event that it’s broken.  Available in a variety of strengths, it is typically retrofitted to existing windows, forming an invisible protective membrane on the interior side of the glass.  


If the sole purpose of installing security and safety window films is to keep intruders out, remember it must be attached to the frame.


The film is used to protect glass from shattering under extraordinary circumstances including earthquakes, hurricanes, and even bomb blasts – and it’s also commonly used at retail locations vulnerable to forced entry or vandalism.  From hotels and commercial offices — to schools, universities, government buildings, healthcare facilities, airports and more — security window film can play a key part as the first line of defense! 

As a building manager or owner, you have many important responsibilities.  But none is more vital than keeping tenants and occupants safe – as well as all interior assets.


Help stay protected with security window film!