Windows are one of the most important features in your office.  They allow in natural light to brighten your office and atmosphere — and provide wonderful views.  However, sunlight can also cause higher energy costs, hot spots, glare on computer screens and fading of office furnishings.  In addition, they can also provide opportunities for break-ins and health risks to employees if the windows are broken and shattered due to storms or accidents. 

If you’re looking for an ideal solution that protects your office without sacrificing the benefits of natural sunlight, Security Window Films should be seriously considered.

Typically made with layers of polyester film that are laminated together with special adhesives, Security Window Film ranges in thickness.  In general, the thicker the film is, the stronger it is.  As the thickness of the film increases, the degree of break strength, tear strength and puncture strength also increases. 

Some of the additional benefits of Security Window Film in your office include:

  • It’s virtually clear, providing first-rate protection from vandalism and storms without changing the look of your office.
  • Once broken, Security Window Film makes removal of glass quick, easy and more secure. 
  • It reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together – as opposed to allowing shattered pieces that become dangerous daggers that can cause serious injury or even death.
  • It significantly reduces danger associated with accidents, falls and mishaps that also result in broken glass.

No matter what the impact is from weather, wind, crime, vandalism or everyday accidents, you’ll have true peace-of-mind knowing that your Security Window Film will help control and even eliminate the danger and damage caused by broken glass in new construction and retrofit projects.
From commercial offices and hotels – to retail locations, schools and universities, government buildings, health care facilities and more – Security Window Film is a smart and cost-effective solution.  

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