Have you ever watched a movie where two brawling guys explode through a window? The shattered glass makes a visual statement on screen, but in reality, those glittering glass shards create a safety hazard. Security film can reduce that hazard for both home and business owners.

What Is Window Film?

Security or safety film is a thin polyester that is adhered to windows or door glass. In the event the glass is broken—for example by a couple of brawling guys, harsh winds, or flying debris—the film keeps the glass pieces together. The shards are less likely to injure someone and are easier to clean up.
This film comes is different thicknesses, but the thickness has less to do with the impact resistance than the quality of the materials and the process used in installation.
You can also select film that is tinted or reflective for aesthetic or privacy reasons. Choose from clear to dark tints, including a frosted version.

C-Bond Application

C-Bond is the application process recommended by Home Window Tinting, Inc. This process uses non-toxic, water-based nanotechnology to increase the glass’s strength and to improve the adhesion of the film to the glass. The increase in strength helps keep the window from shattering, and if it does, it helps the glass remain attached to the film instead of scattered across the floor.
The C-Bond process was developed at Rice University. The university is best known as a Nobel Prize winner in the field of nanoscience research. Rice partnered with C-Bond Systems to create this amazing glass window film for both residential and commercial use.

Tempered Glass vs. Security Film

While tempered glass and window film are both designed with safety in mind, they serve two different functions. Both processes strengthen the glass, but tempered glass is designed through a thermal and chemical process to crumble when broken instead of breaking into jagged shards. The window film is designed to capture those crumbles so they do not fly out and create an unsafe environment or pelt pedestrians. Together, they maximize the safety of inhabitants.

Who to See for Safety Film

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