What is an attachment system? An attachment system is a product that keeps the glass within the frame that has been coated with a security film. There are many ways to attach commercial windows, but only a few ways to attach doors and residential windows.

If any company or person is applying security window film/tinting with the purpose of keeping the glass in frame or keeping the bad guys out, an attachment system must be applied. If they say it is not necessary then run away, they do not know what they are talking about.

When it comes to commercial windows, we at Home Window Tinting & Commercial prefer to use the Elite line of products from Pentagon Protection. The reason we prefer this product over the silicone method is it doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the frame and glass system. It only adds protection and strength to window system.



Residential is a tougher game because there is so many different frame styles. One window may require 3 different styles of security attachment system.


Dow Corning 995 structural silicone is also a very popular method. It must have a minimum bite of 3/8” onto the frame and 3/8” onto the filmed surface of the glass. A ½” is the preferred bite.

THIS METHOD DOES NOT WORK ON DOORS!!! Why do you ask? If silicone is applied to a commercial door it is not attached to the frame, only to what is referred to as a glass stop which is just clipped into the frame. This method is wrong and will always fail to secure the security filmed glass in the frame. The sad part is, this is a common practice of our competitors.

There are only a few attachment systems that work on doors.


Z Secure which is our patented custom attachment system (patent #9,938,763). We install this system on to the frame and down to the security filmed portion of the glass. This system virtually disappears and looks like part of the door. This patent also allows us to secure your typical squeeze frame door found in most homes. Licensing is available for this product. If you would like to see these products installed, please come to our facility. We don’t give out addresses for security purposes without interview.

The other system we use is Pentagon Protection’s Zlock for doors, this is a rubber system that works excellently but has some aesthetics issues.



As we have traveled across the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex we have seen scores of security film projects with improper attachment systems or none at all, mainly doors. If you are aware of any of these projects please bring it to our attention or the owners of the said location. Our phone number is 972-539-2989 or visit hometint.com.

We are security experts and only do it the correct way. If you heard security window film/tinting didn’t work, chances are it was simply not attached properly.


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