Safety and Security films help hold the glass (windows/doors) together when it is broken due to any impact, whether it be a burglar (smash and grab attempt), hail, high winds, flying objects or even a bomb blast. These can come in handy for any type of business that desires extra security! Pawnshops, banks, federal offices, car dealerships, etc.. could all benefit from these great security films. Not only will Security film protect your business and assets it will also look good on your windows and doors!


Because of special attachment systems broken glass stays in the frame which is held together by the film. The film comes in a variety of strengths and tints for our customers specific wants and needs!


Some of the films are thicker than others but that does not mean they are stronger or better! It really just depends on what you want for your business and we will help you out! Give us a call today and we will make sure your business is safe and secure!