If your home windows are showing signs of age or energy inefficiency – including fogging glass and rising utility bills – it’s likely time for a change.  But change doesn’t have to come in the form of costly replacement windows — because residential window tint is an ideal solution that’s both affordable and energy efficient!

What is a Residential Window Tint?
Also known as window film, a residential window tint is applied to your home’s window(s) — similar to the tinting you might have done on your car windows.  The many benefits of residential window tinting include:

·    Reduces fading of carpets, upholstery, and interior furnishings
·    Allows light in, while rejecting from 98 to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
·    Increases energy efficiency and decreases your utility bills  
·    Increases your comfort by helping to eliminate “hot spots”
·    Rejects up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy
·    Reduces the sun’s glare
·    Increases  your level of privacy and safety 24/7
·    Provides improved safety if the glass is broken
·    Balances the outside appearance of your home, giving it a whole new look

Why Residential Window Tint instead of Window Replacement?
Unless your existing window frame is rotted out, unsightly or in serious disrepair, there’s really no reason to replace the entire window with a new one.  After all, a window tint provides all of the benefits mentioned above – at a fraction of the cost.  In fact, price comparisons show that professionally installed window films or tints will cost you about 1/3rd of the price of replacement windows.

Additional advantages of a residential window tint versus window replacement include:

·    Return on investment.  Being that window tinting will cost you a fraction of the cost of a replacement window, you’ll see an instant return on your investment.  By comparison, window tinting your existing windows should pay for the investment in between 9 to 13 months.  Replacement windows could take two to three years!

·    Energy efficiency.  Again, window tinting is extremely energy efficient and will give you a great option to upgrade without spending a lot of money.

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