Your home is your castle. We want to help you keep it safe and secure. When residential security film is installed on the glass of your windows, doors, patios and verandas, it provides protection for you, your family and friends. Burglars are kept out and glass doesn’t fly around.

Furthermore, if a loved one or a visitor accidentally walks into glass in your home, there’s less chance it shards hitting them with security film in place. This film also better protects people from flying glass during hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds. It can also provide more safety during explosions and bomb blasts. By helping to spare injury, residential security film gives you peace of mind.

The films Home Window Tinting, Inc. uses are from several manufacturers, including 3M. They are available in clear, dark, reflective and frosted. Thicknesses range from 2 mil-21 mil, and the most common we use are 6 mil-10 mil. Though thicker films have better resistance on first impact, they tear more easily. Our certified installers know what’s best for your situation.

In delivering service to you, we go above and beyond some other companies. We recommend that security film installed on a tempered surface—glass that breaks into pieces—employ an attachement system.

Window film can only be installed to within 1/16” of the edge of the glass. This tiny gap makes the glass vulnerable to forced entry by thieves, high winds and more. An attachment system virtually wipes out this weakness by binding together the film and the frame that holds the glass.

When you combine security film with film that reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home for more benefits. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays. They’re detrimental not only to your skin, but they also fade photos and paintings hanging on the walls as well as carpeting and furniture. 3M Sun Control Films reduce the sun’s glare and make your home cooler, cutting your energy costs.

Home Window Tinting, Inc. can make your home safer, preserve the beauty of your furnishing and make you more comfortable when the sun’s blazing. Adding residential security film to your windows costs less than having to remove old windows and replace them with new ones.

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