There are many reasons to film or tint your homes windows. The order of importance is entirely open for discussion, this depends on what each customer’s objectives are. One customer may just be after energy savings, the next may be fade prevention on furniture, drapes wood floors, carpets, or artwork. Glare reduction is another major reason people choose window film for their home; daytime privacy is another application that homeowners request from us on a regular basis.


What most homeowners as well as business owners do not realize is window film/tinting is a great way to enhance the look of your home because window tinting makes your structure look better by making the appearance consistent. How is this you ask? In most homes people choose to put different window treatments in different rooms to achieve a certain look for the inside, Example; Dark shutters in the study, white shutters on the other parts of the home and blinds in the garage. This is very common, I promise. Our 3M Night Vision 15 is our most popular film. It has a reflective appearance from outside and a cool natural look from inside. This film/tint for your home or office reduces 72% of the sun’s energy, 83% of the glare and 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays, the biggest cause of fading.


We carry many different films or tinting for your home. Night Vision 15 is the darkest film we carry from 3M that is safe for your double paned windows. Other films we carry are from 3M are Night Vision 25, Prestige 20, Prestige 40, Prestige 50, 60 and 70. Remember the lower the number the darker the film. You may say, I don’t want to cut that much light out of my home.


We like to put visible light into perspective for you. If you have low-e windows, they in fact are cutting 50% or more of the visible light. To put things into layman’s terms. Window film/tint is almost never as dark as it sounds.


Energy savings is another reason to have your home’s windows tinted. Window film/tint dollar for dollar is the number one energy retro fit you can apply. If you film all or most of your home, your air conditioner will run half as much. This equates to up to 30% reduction of your entire bill or 50 percent of your cooling cost. When your air conditioner runs half as much it also saves wear and tear on the unit so your air conditioner will last longer.


window security film
Safety is another reason to tint your home’s windows. Window film/tint helps hold the glass together in case of impact from hail, a ball or windborne debris.


Glare reduction is also a reason to film your homes windows. Instead of closing your blinds, shutters or drapes that cut your view to the outside off and making your room dark, add some film and enjoy your view. There are so many different films that resolve many issues in your home.


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