If you’re looking to add privacy to your home or office, Window Film is the perfect solution for added security – and so much more!

Today’s Window Film products are modern and money-smart alternatives to typical window coverings. Unlike shades and drapes, they don’t block natural light or hide window frames. Instead, they let the beautiful sunlight in – while keeping prying eyes out!

Available in a wide selection of looks and several levels of darkness, Window Tinting Film is an ideal way to complement your home, windows and life! In addition to providing privacy 24/7, window films offer many important benefits including:

  • Help to maintain your home or office comfort while improving energy efficiency. Window tint film typically rejects 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and repels heat, so you can keep cool and save money on your electric bills!
  • The harmful UV rays that enter through your windows can also break down and damage floor finishes, drapery fabrics, and the integrity of your furniture. So, by blocking out virtually all of the UV rays, your window film will save you lots of heartache and expense in having to replace or refurbish your interior decorations.
  • Treated windows are harder to break and won’t shatter like non-treated windows can, adding yet another level of security to your home or office.
  • No matter what darkness you choose in your window film, you’ll still have a crystal clear and unobstructed view out your windows! The only obstruction is for anyone trying to see inside.

Low cost and easy to install, Window Film is the perfect solution to increase your home or office privacy – and so much more. Visit with Home tint today to see how Window Film can shed some new light in your life!