How much will it save me over the lifetime of the product?

A common question about window film is how much will it save me in the long run?

Well for starters it can lower your cooling cost by 50%, this is quite impressive. The actual dollar amounts will vary greatly depending on number of windows or glass type. Since the product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer the savings will easily pay for itself many times over. Typical payback is 2 to 6 years.

The pay back in energy savings will also vary on the window tinting or film that you choose, and the cost of that particular window tinting, or film chosen. Let us start with our most popular film. 3M’s Night Vision 15. This product is mid-range in cost, gives the best energy savings of our 3M products. In addition to the energy savings it also gives you daytime privacy and provides great glare reduction which in turn makes you more comfortable by reducing the temperature in your home as well as reducing eye strain by reducing the annoying glare produced by the sun. Other 3M products we carry include the Prestige series films which vary in light transmission from 70 percent being the lightest and continually get darker 60, 50, 40 and now 20 % visible light transmission. All of the above products are also HOA approved. The strongest and most effective film on the market is Called Optitune 5 from Avery Dennision formally Hanita Coatings. This window film is actually the least expensive product in our arsenal. It has the best return on investment due to its lower cost and high energy reduction/efficiency.

Window tinting for your home is the best energy retrofit you can do for your home dollar for dollar and it does so much more to help pay for itself.

Now for the awesome intangibles. Since your air conditioner is running half as much your system will have much less wear and tear which in most cases should last for many more years than a home without window film/tinting.

The next thing home window tinting saves on is window treatments. When you have window film or tinting on your windows it protects your blinds, shutters, drapes and shades from premature fading or degradation. This also holds true for your home’s interior. Wood floors, carpets, artwork, photos are other things that window tinting or window film can help protect. Depending on your initial investment in these products the dollar amounts you save will greatly differ.

In closing window tinting for your home will most likely be the best investment you will ever make.


If you are in an older home or a brand-new home installing window tinting or window film just makes sense. If you are in a home that has a window warranty in place, remember to ask how we take over your window warranty and always remember window tinting is safe for double panned or insulated windows, even low-e.

WE guarantee it.
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