A beam of sunshine across your kitchen table is a beautiful sight. But when the light is simply too bright, natural sunshine turns into a serious nightmare.


Glare occurs when there is too much light. It bounces across shiny surfaces, reflects off your television or computer monitor, and gets in your eyes while you try to complete basic tasks.


You don’t want to keep your shades drawn on a gorgeous summer day, but that Texas sun is just as bright as it is hot. Those beams of light aren’t just getting in your way; they’re also raising temperatures and increasing your cooling cost. Closing the curtains might seem like your only option.


Luckily, there’s a way to reduce the glare while still letting in the natural light that windows were intended to let in. Window film significantly reduces the amount of glare, infrared, and ultraviolet light that enters your home. Enjoy looking out your window without suffering the glare or heat of direct sunshine.


Home Window Tinting, Inc installs the best residential window film in Dallas. Our professional crew will cover your windows with high quality 3M window film, a metallic film that both reflects and absorbs sunlight. 3M film installs smoothly and is easy to clean. It cuts light, but you can also see right through it, letting you finally enjoy the view outside your home.


3M window films cut 65-85% of the visible light and 99% of the ultraviolet light that would normally come through your window. Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause fabric, artwork, and furniture to slowly fade over time. That glare isn’t just annoying – it’s actually damaging your possessions and your environment. 3M film covers your window and cuts the light, keeping the interior of your home cool and safe. Instead of sitting on a sun-worn sofa, you’ll be able to relax in a shady room and enjoy the lack of a glare on your TV screen.


3M window film lets you see out of your window while reducing the light that gets in. 3M film goes on the inside surface of your windows and grants you additional security and privacy. You’ll be able to open your curtains and let in the beautiful morning light while still keeping the interior of your home cool and comfortable.


Home Window Tinting & Commercial Inc has been installing window film in Texas since 1989. We carry a full selection of sun control films that will help protect your home from heat and glare. Our team members are experts in safely installing film on any kind of window. We offer the highest quality window film in the entire Dallas Fort Worth area at a fair price.


Glare and ambient heat in your home are more than just an annoyance. Bright light can keep you from working or relaxing. If you’re looking for residential window film in Dallas or any part of the Dallas Fort Worth area , look no further than Home Window Tint Inc. We offer personalized customer service and will work with you to find the perfect window tint solution for your home.


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