Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) rays are the single largest contributor to the fading of home furnishings and flooring – and that regular glass windows only filter 75% of UV light?  The other 25% passes through the glass, causing interior fading problems.  If this is a concern to you, tinted window film offers the best and most cost effective solution!  
As opposed to purchasing expensive replacement windows, window film offers an inexpensive and long-lasting alternative that helps provide round-the-clock protection against fading and damage.  Studies show that window film can block out 99% of UV rays, virtually eliminating interior fading while still allowing the sunlight in and your view outside to be unobstructed!

Spray treating fabric and wood coatings are another option, but both are only temporary solutions that need to be regularly reapplied in order to maintain full protection.

At a fraction of the cost of replacement windows, window film helps maintain the original brilliancy of your fabrics and wood – including leather furnishings that are likely to dry out and crack when UV light hits them over a period of time.

Easy to apply by a window or glass professional, window film provides additional benefits including safety and energy savings.  You’ve invested a lot into your home and furnishings.  Discover today how hometint can help you protect and maintain your interior for years to come!