It’s Hot and Getting Hotter! Tint Your Home With Window Film in Dallas Now

As usual, the heat is rising fast this summer here in the Dallas Metroplex. It can seem as though there’s no escape from the sun and hot temperatures even indoors, but window film in Dallas for your home can certainly make a big difference. Residential window film can help increase home comfort and minimize sun glare while increasing privacy and lowering energy costs. Let’s explore these benefits further.

Increase Home Comfort Levels

Just as in automobiles, window tinting can have a huge impact on interior temperatures. Residential window tinting can help keep the sun’s heat out in summer by reducing glare while keeping cooler temps indoors during chilly weather. Used in combination with window dressings or blinds, tint is an affordable way to further regulate home temperatures all year round.

Reduce Sun Glare

Those who tend to shy away from the maintenance involved with window dressings may find a dark window tint provides the ideal alternative. Tinted windows help reduce the blaring glare of sunlight permeating windows and reflecting off interior surfaces, which can actually be harmful for the eyes. Windows treated with tint clean just as easily as they do without treatments, and don’t impede your view while protecting your interiors from the sun.

Prevent Upholstery Fading

Many homeowners don’t give the sun rays shining into the home much thought until they begin noticing telltale signs of fading on upholstered furnishings and carpeting. This is problematic because the fading typically occurs in patches where the sun shines the longest into the home. Once this occurs, upholstered surfaces generally require a recovering and carpets will need to be patched or replaced depending on the location of the faded area in relation to the room’s layout.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Because widow film helps control indoor temperatures, your HVAC system will have to work less. Less time in operation has two primary benefits for residents: lower energy use and less burden on the heat and air conditioning system. This alone helps your HVAC system run smoother and helps increase its longevity. Window film is a simple and attractive way to keep heat out and cool air in this summer. Even applying tint to just the hottest side of the home can greatly impact home comfort levels and energy costs in a positive way.

Enjoy Additional Privacy with Window Film

Window films are available in an array of darkness levels ranging from very light to ultra-dark (like what is commonly seen on limousines and private town cars). Those seeking privacy from peering neighbors or potential burglars may want to go darker, as may those whose windows get a great deal of direct sun daily. However, most homeowners opt for lighter to medium shades for extra versatility in controlling natural lighting.

Looking for Residential Window Film in Dallas Metroplex?

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