Windows add distinction, elegance and light to any home or office.  However, window panes can be a tremendous source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.  There are several options to minimize the problem – including adding window treatments or installing replacement windows.  However, the best and most affordable solution of all is window tinting.

In addition to sun and heat control, window tinting is an excellent way to manage security concerns by adding privacy without sacrificing light. Tinting also reduces annoying glare and minimizes heat and air conditioning loss through windows, resulting in increased energy savings of up to 50 percent.

Did you know that UV rays streaming through windows can be very damaging to your health?  Studies have shown that window tinting can cut back on these dangerous UV rays by over 90 percent.  Why add to your chances of getting skin-related health problems when something so basic can be done?

Yet another benefit of window tinting is that it protects carpets, drapes and furniture from fading.  The tint also makes windows safer and stronger, preventing injury and damage from broken glass.

Window tinting can even add a decorative element to your home. The tinting can accurately imitate the look of expensive windows, but at a much lower cost.  It can also easily be removed if you sell your home or would like to change the look of the windows.  

Remember that window tinting is significantly cheaper than replacing your windows or buying expensive window treatments.  With all the benefits that window tinting provides, it’s well worth the investment.   Contact us for a free estimate!