Fall is coming, protect your home from the glare.

As the seasons change, property owners understandably focus on steps that they can take to protect their home from damage in the months ahead. In Texas, fall sometimes means the extension of brutally hot temperatures, but it also usually brings rapidly fluctuating temperatures as summer eventually fades away. The angle of the sun changes, and you may notice increased solar glare inside the home. Updating your home’s windows with protective tinting may be a great property improvement project to take on this season in order to combat the effects of changing weather conditions and damaging solar rays. By doing so, you can take advantage of these incredible benefits going forward.

Save Money on Energy Bills
The sun’s rays can penetrate through your windows throughout the daylight hours. Solar heating can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of your HVAC system. Closing your blinds is one way to deal with this problem, but you understandably want to take advantage of natural sunlight in your home. An alternative is to invest in protective window tinting. This is an excellent glare reduction feature that can reduce the impact of solar heating and help your HVAC system to function more efficiently. By doing so, you may notice that your energy bills decrease going forward.

Improve Indoor Comfort
Solar heating can affect your home throughout the year, and the effect is usually felt through uneven heating and cooling. For example, on warm, sunny days, areas of your home that are not impacted by solar heating may feel cool or even chilly. When you walk into an area that is exposed to direct sunlight via a window, the intensity of the heat can be overwhelming. Window tint enables you to enjoy the beauty of sunlight in your home without having to deal with the challenge of maintaining a stable temperature throughout your space.

Protect Your Property from UV-Related Damage
The glare reduction benefits of tinted windows also include protection against UV-related damage. Harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause discoloration to all of your upholstery, including carpeting, furnishings, drapes and more. It can also discolor wood floors, tables, tile surfaces and more. Because only some of these surfaces may be damaged by UV rays based on the angle of the sun, you will notice that discoloration is uneven. Window tint blocks harmful and damaging UV rays and provides you with protection from related damage. Another related benefit is that you will not have to worry about the health effects of UV rays inside the home.

While many homeowners in the local area are interested in window tint to enjoy glare reduction benefits, you can see that tinted windows offer many additional benefits for you to take advantage of as well. Now that you know about the many substantial benefits that window tinting provides, you may be eager to begin planning for the completion of this project in your home this fall. Remember that window tinting benefits also extend through the winter and the warmer months of the year. Contact us today to request a consultation and a quote for home window tinting service.

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