As many homeowners know, window films offer a wide array of benefits – including increased energy efficiency in your home along with decreased heat, glare and UV rays. 

Not to mention added privacy and safety.  But what many homeowners don’t know is that decorative films offer all those benefits, plus enhanced aesthetics for any window and room in your home!

What is Decorative Window Film?
Decorative Window Films are self-adhesive films that come in different patterns and shades.  Virtually any flat glass surface can be transformed into a work of art with decorative window film:  from a bedroom and home office – to a bathroom, den, kitchen, entryway, skylight, garage door, basement window and more!    

For use in rooms where privacy is a concern, decorative films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down on the ambient light.  Decorative films reduce heat, glare and 99% of ultraviolet radiation, while also giving you 24 hour privacy.  

Decorative films create a sandblasted appearance to the glass, enabling light to filter in.  But the translucent effect will not darken your rooms. In fact, it provides enough light for house plants to thrive!

What are the different types of decorative window film?
Homeowners who want to dress up their windows have many different types of decorative window film to choose from.  Some types of film add color to a window while others enhance the look of a window with an intriguing design. You can select a type of decorative window film that complements the décor of a particular room and adds extra appeal to your entire home.  Just a few of the many different types of window film include:

·    Stained glass accent window film
·    Textured window film
·    Frosted glass window film
·    Etched glass window film

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