Did you know that there’s an innovative new way to integrate daylight into energy savings? Daylight redirecting film is a state-of-the-art material that redirects sunlight from windows deeper into buildings to increase natural light.  Bringing natural light into your building provides many benefits for occupants and employees as well as reducing the need for artificial lighting – saving you money on energy costs.

By capturing 80% of the exterior sun rays, the film projects the light vertically towards the office ceiling, translating into lower utility costs that are required by artificial light.
Used in hotels, office buildings, schools, healthcare, government and more, daylight redirecting film has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace and comfort for guests and patients – and even improve student test scores.

Benefits of daylight redirecting film include:
•    Reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day
•    Increases interior comfort
•    Creates brighter interiors
•    Saves up to 52% on lighting energy
•    Reduces occupant glare and excess light near windows
•    Provides the benefit of natural light to interior occupants
•    Can be used with different glass types to achieve different aesthetic looks
•    Requires no maintenance or cleaning
•    Blocks 99% of UV light, reducing interior fading of carpet and fabrics

This remarkable new technology is a win-win for everyone.  Contact us to see how daylight redirecting film will increase your building’s natural light and comfort – and help provide significant savings on your energy costs!