There are many reasons to apply window tinting/film to your large commercial building, small office or any size building for that matter. These are not necessarily in order.


Let’s start with energy savings. Depending on the size of your building, the glass type, the way the windows face can determine how much energy you can save.  In large commercial buildings it can take as little as 2 years for the window tinting/film application to pay for itself. Commercial window tinting or window film is the 2nd best way to reduce energy cost in a large commercial situation. For every 100 square feet of sun exposed glass that has window film applied will save you one ton of air conditioning per hour. That is huge. In addition, because the air conditioning doesn’t have to run as much it saves money by reducing wear and tear on the system.


Comfort levels for employees is a great reason to apply window film to your commercial building.  We are told daily that a person sitting near the windows are either to hot or to cold and the other people sitting away from the windows have the same complaint. This is known as temperature imbalance.  We can and will help solve this issue. We call it the WOW Factor, because that is what our customers say after the film installation. Wow what a difference!


In addition to the commercial window tinting/film helping with the temperature imbalances, it also helps with annoying glare, which can cause eye strain, headaches and lowers production. A happy and comfortable employee is a productive employee and that leads to more profit.


Commercial window tinting or commercial window film also helps in the prevention of your fine furnishings by cutting 99.9 percent of the damaging ultraviolet rays which is 40 percent cause of premature fading. It also helps protect your wood floors, carpet or area rugs as well as furniture and artwork. Most people don’t even think about their window coverings needing protection against the sun’s rays. Other causes of fading are infrared light and visible light. Why not protect them with commercial window tinting or film from 3M company, Avery Denison, Madico or Llumar.


Enjoying the great outdoors is another reason to install commercial window tinting to your exterior windows. Why do we have windows? Well that may sound like a crazy question!  If you look around almost every blind, shutter or window treatment is closed. The application of window film allows you to have complete daytime privacy.  Having your window treatments open makes for a better workplace and once again a happy and comfortable employee is a more productive employee.


Finally, is the added safety that commercial window tinting/film adds to the windows.

Security Film Testing

In case of impact the window film helps hold the glass together saving a huge mess and helps protect the occupants

Even know our name says Home Window Tinting & Commercial the ratio of our work is 70% commercial and 30 % residential.

We also install custom decorative window films for conference rooms as well as office doors and sidelights.

We at Home Window Tinting and Commercial have fully insured and bonded full-time employees and are continually striving to be a better company. We are celebrating our 30th year in business. Please come and visit our facility and discover the wonderful world of window film. ,,

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