The holidays are coming and that means increased traffic for many businesses.  However, it also means an increase in break-ins and burglaries.  That’s why it’s the ideal time right now to contact the pros at Home Window Tinting to beef up security for your store front!

Having your windows tinted with commercial security film offers an incredibly beneficial solution for enhanced security.  Just some of the many security benefits include:

·    Crime prevention.  Commercial window film prevents criminals from breaking and entering.  Since the window film helps hold glass in place, smash and grab thieves don’t have a quick and easy access through your windows to steal from your business.  By slowing down would-be thieves, it increases the chances that they’ll move on to an easier target.
·    Privacy. Commercial window film also provides privacy for your workers from the outside world, making them feel more secure.  Many businesses require a certain element of privacy, so window film is a great way to ensure it.
·    Increased security due to decreased visibility.  Being that potential thieves can’t see inside your establishment (when window film is employed), they’re less likely to break in when they don’t know what equipment or other valuables are inside.  

In addition to the security benefits you’ll enjoy with commercial security film this holiday season, there are many year-round advantages including:

·    Increased comfort for your employees and customers.
·    Reduction of energy costs, both heating and air conditioning.
·    Decreased interior glare.
·    Protection of your interior furnishings, carpet, and flooring from fading due to UV rays.
·    Safety and protection for your employees from flying glass in the event of a bad storm.
·    Window film also helps protect the health of your employees by blocking out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer.  Window films are even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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