With the summer heat on the way, it’s time to think about how to prevent your big windows from baking your clients – and running up your utility bills!  You could close down for the summer, but we know that’s not an option.  Instead, how about having Home Window Tinting install commercial window film?  It’s the perfect way to keep your indoor temperature cool and comfortable – and your bills affordable!

Just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with commercial window film, not just in the summer, but year round:

·    Increased energy savings.  One of the most important benefits of commercial window film is how it will substantially lower your energy bills. When treated to a high-quality professional tint, windows will retain the cool air, subsequently increasing your energy savings and your comfort in windowed areas.  Commercial window film typically results in increased energy savings of up to 50%!
·    Reduced glare and heat.  Energy-efficient window film can reduce unwanted glare and remove up to 79 percent of the heat that enters into your place of business.   
·    Enhanced Security. In addition to sun and heat control, commercial window film is an excellent way to manage security concerns by adding privacy without sacrificing light.
·    Health protection.  Did you know that UV rays streaming through windows can be very damaging to your health?  Studies have shown that commercial window film can cut back on these dangerous UV rays by over 90%!   
·    Protection from broken glass.  Commercial window film also makes windows safer and stronger, preventing injury and damage from broken glass.
·    Year round comfort.  Not only will you enjoy a cooler environment during the summer, but the greater energy efficiency and savings will continue throughout the entire year – including the coldest winter months!
·    Affordability.   Commercial window film is significantly cheaper than replacing your windows or buying expensive window treatments.  With all the benefits commercial window film provides, it’s well worth the investment!  

Call Home Window Tinting today and beat the summer heat with commercial window film!
As an authorized 3M Window Film Dealer Installer and member of the Prestige Dealer Network, Home Window Tinting is pleased to offer the full line of 3M Window Films — the premier window films the world over.  We’re here at Home Window Tinting to help you find the perfect climate control solution this summer – and all year round!  

Call us today and schedule a complimentary consultation!  You may not be able to control the climate outdoors, but the pros at Home Window Tinting can help you control it indoors!