3M invented the first window film in 1966.  Since then they have been the industry leader for more than 50 years.  They are always improving their products.  When window film first came out it was very effective against the heat and glare but was very shiny or reflective and at night would become reflective on the inside making it more difficult to look out.


Many great advances have been made over the years. The best improvement in my opinion is The Night Vision Series Films.  Night Vision Films/Tint were introduced to the in 2003 if my memory serves me correctly. This technology provided great visibility during the day and almost eliminated the interior reflection of the old-style reflective films of the past. Night Vision Series Window Films come in 3 different shades. 3M Night Vision 15 gives you complete daytime privacy and cuts 72% of the total solar energy aka heat reduction. It also cuts 83% of the glare and 99% of the Ultraviolet Light A & B, the biggest cause of fading of floors, drapes, artwork and skin cancer. 3M Night Vision 25 cuts 60% of the heat, 72% of the glare and 3M Night Vision 35 cuts 52% of the heat and 59% of the glare.  These products changed our industry almost overnight. Many of the drawbacks of the old-style window films/tints were virtually eliminated.


Next came 3M Prestige Series Window Films/Tints. These films perform excellently against the heat like the Night Visions series but are non-reflective both inside and out. These films cut 97% of the infrared light which is the major cause of heat at 53%. Prestige Series Window Films/Tints come in 5 different shades for interior applications and 3 different shades for exterior applications. For the interior applications we will start with 3M Prestige 70. This film is considered clear.  It is used when a customer doesn’t want to change the light but wants maximum heat and ultraviolet control. Then the films get progressively darker. 3M Prestige 60, 3M Prestige 50, 3M Prestige 40 and 3M Prestige 20. We will be glad to come visit you at your home or office to educate you on the benefits of window film so you can make the best choice for your home or office.


Exterior Prestige is used for several reasons. Let’s start with access to the windows. If we can’t access the windows from the inside, the customer wants the extra performance that the exterior films can provide. Our 3M Exterior 20 and 40 Films can also help prevent the melting of synthetic grass and burning of your shrubs, grass and even fences caused by the reflection of the low-e windows.


3M Ultra Safety & Security Films come in a variety of thicknesses and shades from Ultra 600 and Ultra 800 clear to their Ultra Night Vision 25, Ultra Prestige 70 and Ultra Prestige 50. These security films are head & shoulders above the competitors due to the tear resistance properties that they have. Always remember to ask for attachment systems when purchasing security films. With out attachment systems security film will just prevent the mess of smashed glass.  It will not keep the bad guys out with out an attachment system.


All the above mention 3M Window Films/Tints are safe for insulated windows and DO NOT CAUSE seal failure. In residential situations our 3M Widow Films come with a Lifetime Warranty not to peel, bubble, delaminate or lose their effectiveness. The commercial 3M Night Vision Series comes with a 12-year warranty and 3M Prestige Series comes with a 15-year warranty. 3M Exterior comes with a 10-year warranty on vertical surface and a 7-year warranty on sloped surfaces such as glass skylights.



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