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This video is real.
The film installed is 3M Ultra 600 Safety & Secruity Film with Dow Corning 995 Silicone. This was a break in attempt off Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth. The trash can is the intruders. The rock was in excess of 11 pounds, we refer to that as a rock of opportunity. The security film and attachment system was installed by Home Window Tinting & Commercial Inc. We are safety & security film and attachment system experts!!!

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Safety and Security films hold the glass (windows/doors) in place when it is broken because of impact, whether it be from an unwanted intruder, burglars (smash and grab attempt), hail, wind-borne debris and even provides protection from a bomb blast. (IT IS NOT BULLET PROOF!). Safety and security films are manufactured in various thicknesses – from 4 mil to 18 mil., the majority of the films we install are 6 to 15 mil.; keep in mind that a thicker film doesn’t necessarily mean a stronger or more secure product.


Attachment systems keep the broken glass in the frame which is held together by the film. Attachment Systems are absolutely necessary if the goal is keeping the bad guys out or keeping the glass in the frame. It does not matter what kind of glass it is, with the exception of laminated glass silicone to the framing system. This is commonly missed but an integral part of a safety/security film installation. If anyone in the window film industry does not mention the use of an attachment systems with safety/security film installation, they are simply not qualified. If they say they are going to use silicone to secure the the door they are misinformed as well.


To help achieve the goals of each of our customer’s needs, safety and security films along with attachment systems come in a wide variety of shades, shapes and styles. Our most popular security film is 3M Ultra 800 Clear. We also install 3M Ultra Prestige 70 & 50 which provides great heat reduction while allowing visibility in. This is great for display windows. Ultra Night Vision 25 is great heat reduction with a little privacy and good glare reduction. We also carry 15 mil security film from Madico.


Let’s start with doors: There are are basically 2 attachment systems that work on doors that don’t damage the door frame. The first is our patented (patent #9,938,763) and trademarked ZSecure which allows us to match the color of your door, it is virtually invisible but very secure! The other is Z Lok from Pentagon Protection US.


Now Windows: Commercial windows can be attached in many ways. 3M IPA (Impact Protection Adhesive), Dow Corning 995 Structural Silicone, Pentagon Protection’s Elite Series and our patented custom shaped systems to match color and frame styles.


Which Security Window Film is Best?

The safety and security films that are thicker, have a better initial resistance to impact, but they could tear easier. 3M Ultra films have unparalleled tear resistance, because they our manufactured with a patented micro-layered technology. We also carry other manufacturer’s safety and security films.



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C-Bond is a patented, non-toxic, water based ‘green’ nanotechnology window film application solution designed to significantly increase glass strength, enhance glass flexibility and increase the adhesion of window film to glass products. Read More…

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