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Safety and Security films help hold the glass (windows/doors) together when it is broken due to any impact, whether it be a burglar (smash and grab attempt), hail, high winds, flying objects or even a bomb blast.


Attachment systems keep the broken glass in the frame which is held together by the film.

To help achieve the goals of each customer’s needs, safety and security films come in a variety of strengths and shades; from clear- to dark and reflective- there’s even frosted.

Which Security Window Film is Best?Safety and security films are manufactured in various thicknesses – from 2mil to 21 mil., the majority of the films we install are 6 to 10 mil.; keep in mind that a thicker film doesn’t necessarily mean a stronger or more secure product.

The safety and security films that are thicker, have a better initial resistance to impact, but they could tear easier. 3M Ultra films have unparalleled tear resistance, because they our manufactured with a patented micro-layered technology. We also carry other manufacturer’s safety and security films.


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A commonly missed, but an integral part of a safety/security film installation, is the use of an attachment system. People in our own industry even miss this. If anyone in the window film industry does not mention the use of an attachment systems with safety/security film installation, they are simply not qualified. It is pertinent to have any doors, side lights or any glass that is tempered (breaks into small pieces)installed with an appropriately designed attachment system. Home Window Tinting will not install safety and security films without some type of an attachment on tempered glass. Without an attachment system, it actually makes it easier for the intruder to gain access to a home or business. Depending on the type of glass the safety and security film is being applied to and its specific use, will determine the necessity and style of the attachment system.


If security is the number one goal of the client, then we highly recommend an attachment system.

C-Bond is a patented, non-toxic, water based ‘green’ nanotechnology window film application solution designed to significantly increase glass strength, enhance glass flexibility and increase the adhesion of window film to glass products. Read More…

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