You may be asking yourself, how does window film protect my home, family, business and employees?



Because our world is becoming more volatile! Window glass may be damaged by severe weather (hail, high winds, etc), vandalism or, a worst case scenario, terrorism.

Glass is the weakest point in your home or office. When glass is shattered or broken it can cause serious bodily injury or death. It can even prevent water damage due to keeping the glass intact. 3M Window Films offer an added layer of protection by keeping the glass fragments/shards from flying around.

3M Window Films vary in ability to retain glass fragments. From our simple, sun/heat/fade control products, decorative films or our security films including attachment systems for ultimate protection.



Ultraviolet light(UV), visible light and infrared light are three major contributors of material fading/degradation. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your home or business interior?  You can do just that with 3M high quality window film.

Most people want to be able to open their window treatments to allow some natural light in and see the outdoor view, while others are afraid of sun damage, needing  privacy, possibly both. We can help tremendously with both fronts. Our 3M Window Films cut 99.9% of UV light. Infrared light and visible light are cut down by 25% each. Infrared light and visible light percentile vary with each film choice. We have an extensive line of films from clear, dark, and reflective.

3M Window Films is also significantly known for reducing fading of floor (carpet, wood & rugs) also including artwork and photographs. Window Film also protects plastic window latches that are typically installed on newer homes, shutters, blinds and tstrings with plastic clips that hold the valances up. If you have purchased poly shutters or blinds our services offer protection against warping.


Ultraviolet light (UV) is a major cause of skin cancer. Most homeowners are not aware that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of window films to protect you, your family and even your pets.


Our  products, dollar for dollar, are the # 1 energy saving retrofit you can add to your home, #2 commercially. The estimated payback in energy savings alone is 3 to 6 years, known for lowering your air conditioning cost. Filming your entire home can cut your run time on your air conditioning in half. This can also prolong the life of your A/C unit(s).


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Homeowners spend $1500 to $3000 or more on a refrigerator to protect $300 to $500 dollars worth of food! What sense would it make to NOT invest in high quality film to protect YOUR HOME ?!






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