Heat & Glare Reduction

Prestige Series Films 40 & 50Everyone loves the windows on their home and enjoys the light that they bring to their homes, but no one likes the heat and glares associated with them. The sun that gets in your home raises the temperature “heat” and causes your air conditioning unit to work hard, thus raising your electric bill. The glare from the sun through your windows can also cause irritation when reading, watching television, etc… and can cause you to want to shade your windows, thus darkening the room and taking away the natural light. At hometint.com we offer solutions for you to fix this problem and get the light you want without the added energy cost and annoying glare! 

In this picture we are featuring our 3M Prestige 40 with one window not done. During the installation process our team found a crack in the glass and we thought it would be a great pic to show the appearance of our film verses no film at all.


Keeping your home cool during the Texas Summer heat is always an expensive and difficult task. The sun that heats your home enters through your non protected windows and causes the temperature to rise. These are just 3 of the things that cause heat and glare: 44% from visible light, 53% from infrared light (invisible light), 3% from UV. 3M Night Vision Series reduces over 70% of infrared light and 65-85% of visible light (not as dark as it sounds) with 99% UV. Solar screens effectiveness varies with the angle of the sun. 3M window film is constantly effective. Some people have gone the route of using solar screens which claim to help reduce the added heat but fail to do so. Solar screens are just an added darker screen to your home which do not look attractive to the eye and are hard to see out of. Also with Solar screens you must take them off in order to clean your windows, which is just a pain no one wants to deal with! At HomeTint we utilize 3M Window Film.


3M Window Film is a high quality film that comes in a variety of shades and colors and WILL reduce heat and glare in your home. 3M Window Film is applied to your window and customized to fit it. Where solar screens only reduce heat from visible light, they totally fail at cutting infrared light, the number one cause of heat.   3M Window Film is constantly working! 3M Window Film will dramatically reduce your energy bill and help keep the heat and glare away. The 3M Window Film comes with a lifetime labor and materials warranty from 3M Company.


So just as a review here is a comparison between the 3M window Films and Solar screens:

3M Window Film

  • Enhances the beauty of your home
  • Reduces more heat
  • Clear view out
  • Applied to inside of glass and can be cleaned even with ammonia base products. 30 days after installation.
  • Our products are completely safe for dual-paned or insulated glass, including Low-E. Guaranteed!
  • Our product comes with a lifetime labor and materials warranty from 3M Company.

Solar Screens

  • Unattractive
  • Not what they claim; 80% / 90%. That is an up to number.
  • Distorted view out. A screen is a screen is a screen
  • Must be removed to clean your windows. Professional window cleaners charge extra to remove them.
  • Collects dirt and bugs. When water from rain gets on them, say good-bye to your already distorted view.
  • Their lifetime warranty is only on the screen material, not the cost to rescreen.

As you can see heat and glare reduction in your home should be a priority for many reasons, not only does it look good… but it reduces your energy costs and annoying glares. Give Home Window Tinting a call and we will get you a free quote for your home today!