Film vs Solar Screens

3M Window Film vs. Solar Screens

window tinting vs. Solar ScreensTo understand the difference between the two you must first know the causes of heat and fading.

  • Causes of Heat

53% from Infrared 44% from visible light

3% from Ultraviolet light

  • Causes of Fading

40% from Ultraviolet light

25% Infrared light, 25% visible light

10% Miscellaneous (quality of dye anchorage, humidity, etc.)


Solar Screens

  • Do NOT  offer as much block coverage from ultraviolet rays and infrared rays
  • They still allow fading to take place
  • Solar screens can VOID your warranty on New or Vinyl Windows
  • May actually cause damage to your window frame
  • Will do a decent job at cutting up to 80%  of the visible light 
  • The amount of heat kept out varies on the angle of sun


Window Film

  • Will always work to keep the heat out, even when the sun is not on the window
  • Allows us to takeover the window warranty and replace the film on the new window
  • Covers from 90% to 99.9% ultraviolet and infrared rays
  • Give coverage from fading on interior belongs
  • Does not cause any damage to your windows or frames


SIDE NOTE: Window film DOES NOT CAUSE seal failure (foggy windows), or damage the hermetic seal of a double paned window.

It also DOES NOT cause thermal fracture to windows that have film applied in your home. This occurs very rarely and only when there is an existing defect in the glass.

These statements above are false! 


Independent studies have been done, they all conclude in the same results. Insulated windows fail at the same rate with or without window film. Read more about Seal Failure in this report from the International Window Film Association on the use of window films on insulating glass windows.



Window film DOES void your window warranty but we are here to inform you if you have a warranty in place, 3M and Home Window Tinting & Commercial Inc. will cover that warranty.


 If  and when thermal fracture or seal failure occur, it is covered by 3M and Home Window Tinting Inc. for 5 years after the film is installed up to $500.00 per window. This total covers the cost of the window, film, labor and materials.