Break-in attempt video

To help reduce your chances of loss and add to your peace of mind, 3M has developed a new dimension in safety and security window films. 3M’s unique technology combines multiple, micro-thin layers of film to create a stronger, more impenetrable safety and security window film for unmatched levels of performance.

3M’s new safety and security film is a tough, durable, tear and penetration-resistant shield that bonds to the inside of your windows for protection. The film helps hold the glass together to dramatically reduce the chance of glass shards from falling or flying out, even under direct forces from winds or impacts from flying objects or heavy devices used for breaking and entering.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so we thought the following videos would be more informative than several pages of text.

Break-in Protection Video

This is an actual attempted break-in caught on our client’s security camera.

(Safety and Security film with flex system installed by Home Window Tinting, Inc.)