The State of the Union & Security Film

Security Film stay safe and secure at your home or business

In these turbulent times fueled by the two political sides and the media spreading misinformation, it is no wonder we are in the predicament we are in. The lack of respect among fellow humans is appalling.

2 weeks ago, I met an older gentleman at the car wash.  I asked him a simple question.  Sir, what do you think about the current situation in the world?  He turned and said, son you do not want my opinion.  My reply was oh yes, I do!


He stated” this is a lot of bullshit”. Then he went on to compare the Democrats and Republicans of current day to the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.  2 feuding families with no regard for anyone else. Their only purpose is to hurt the other and the collateral damage is the people who work hard and just want to get along.  If we are going to stop the hate it will be up to our leaders to set a good example


I have owned my company Home Window Tinting & Commercial through 5 different Presidents, and I have had my ups and downs.  In our 30 plus year history, the successes and failures of my company were a direct result of my efforts, not the Hatfield’s or McCoy’s.

We will make your home, office or store a safer and more comfortable environment.


Security FilmNow let us talk about safety security film.  We use 2 manufacturers of films 3M & Madico.  3M Ultra Films to include Ultra 800, Ultra Night Vision, Ultra Prestige 50 & 70. We also use Madico 15 mil clear. If you want another film just let us know and we can get it for you. If you are going to install a safety and security film then we highly recommend a tinted version because it will pay for itself in energy savings over the life of the product.  How fantastic is that.  Safety, security, increased comfort levels and lower cooling cost.



The most important thing know is all security films for the purpose of keeping the bad people out, is the attachment system.  Attachment systems come in a few different forms.  You have the silicone version, which is fine, but if not done correctly can be unsightly. We prefer to use Pentagon Protection Elite products that come in a varying sizes and colors. (SILICONE DOES NOT WORK ON DOORS!!!).  Watch videos on our Security Films page to see what happens when doors are not attached properly and when it’s done right. When it comes to securing doors there is Pentagon Protection’s Z- Lock which is a rubber system. It is remarkably effective but a bulky and not very attractive or you can use our Patented Z Secure System which was developed to be virtually invisible and is custom made for each door style and is amazingly effective.


We will make your home, office or store a safer and more comfortable environment.


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Thanks for reading.




Tim Miller